Hola Chicas!

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with the effects of different oils on my braid-outs. Here’s what I found:

Coconut Oil– Leaves my hair less defined, but very soft, fluffy, and LARGE. It has no hold, but I love the result! I learned a while ago that my curls hate coconut oil when applied wet…but my dry hair adores it. I usually have to re-braid every night when using coconut oil only, due to the lack of definition. Non-greasy.

Castor Oil-I’ve been using Oyin’s Burnt Sugar with great success, and the main ingredient is castor oil. It leaves me with the most defined, thick looking braid-outs. My hair appears (totally an illusion) heavy and thick, but feels light, and non-greasy to the touch. This has become my favorite, and the set holds for two days! Castor oil really is magical 😉

Shea Butter– You all know that shea butter was a main stay in my wet styling routine. Now that I do dry braid-outs, it’s a bit too heavy. I’ve been using Oyin’s Whipped Shea Butter, and it leaves my hair greasy and stringy. I hate greasy braid-outs because I can’t fluff them without causing the ugly kind of frizz. Plus, greasy hair is not a good look.

Which oils do you like on your dry hair? Which do you prefer to apply to wet hair? How do you think my dry hair would take to Olive Oil?