NikG of BeadsBraidsBeyond dishes on ways to keep baby girl’s natural hair healthy and beautiful, without pulling yours out!

Mohawks are a fun way to switch up your little ones hair style!

Valentine Heart Mohawk:
I know it’s a little early for Valentine’s Day hair but I saw this heart cornrow style on Youtube
and decided to give it a try. I ended up cornrowing it into a mohawk instead. You can view her tutorial here. I forgot to curve the second cornrow, but I think it still came out cute. I bought some pink heart beads the other day so I added a few of those along with some regular beads. I used shea butter mixed with coconut oil and a little ORS Lock & Twist gel.

TIP: When doing styles that require a lot of moving, sit in your office/desk chair (assuming it has wheels) this makes it easy for mom to move around instead of getting up, then sitting down, and hurting your back in the process.

Simple Mohawks:

This first one took 5 minutes. Start with detangled hair, section off 3 parts of the hair and tie off each section with a Goody Ouchless hair tie. You may need more sections depending on how much hair your child has.

This next one took about 20 minutes. Start with detangled hair, part the hair straight down the middle, your part does not have to be perfect because the part will not be visible. Start parting medium/large sections, start cornrowing from the sides going into the middle. As you can see, my cornrows were far from perfect, I did this as fast as I could, and it still turned out pretty cool. Remember, if you do not know how to cornrow, check out this website. I learned how to cornrow from their simple instructions!

Twisted Mohawk:

Part 2 sections of hair, so you will have 3 sections in all. Tie each section off with Ouchless Goody hair ties and two strand twist the ponytails, add beads/barrettes and you’re done!

The cornrows I added to the first twisted section are optional. They kind of give the style a little more flare. Just part a couple of sections of hair going up into the ponytail on each side and cornrow them.

Rockstar Mohawk:

This style can take between 1 1/2-2 hours. I split her hair down the middle (remember, your part will not be visible so it doesn’t have to be perfect) and tied one side off, then I started cornrowing. I rotated from a straight cornrow, to criss cross cornrows until I got to the top, then I started on the other side..