Hola Chicas,

Okay… so I know it’s only the 6th, but I’ve already learned 5 valuable lessons this year:

1. Giovanni Direct applied alone as a leave-in, yields haystack results. Ms. Giovanni is not woman enough to moisturize these locks.

2. Innersense Curl Calm leaves my hair feeling like satin– applied both dry and wet. Unfortunately, it’s way too friggin’ expensive. I’ve got 4 samples left, and need to figure out how to make it stretch!
It’s one of those conditioners/curl creams that leave your hands feeling soft as well. I love that! Plus, it smells like oranges… real oranges. Yum.

3. Going more than 3 weeks without wetting my hair is dumb… tangle city. I was doing well… re-braiding every other night, sometimes nightly… spritzing with water here and there, and lubricating with shea. But then I got lazy, and bunned it for 4 days. HUGE mistake.

4. Bantu knots on my dry hair…umm, yeah, no. Maybe I made them too tight, but my hair was shrunken to my ears! I actually liked the cropped look, but the frizz was out of control. Next experiment… pin curls?

5. Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose… great deep treatment, horrible leave-in. Although my hair feels moisturized and strong, it’s flaky and dull. I’ll be re-washing (unfortunately) this Friday.

Here are some random images from last night’s styling session. I was preparing to (dry) braid a wash-n-go that I wore in a bun under a tam yesterday. Although my curls/waves are defined, there are a million white flakes the camera didn’t pick up. I was really feeling the hat… I’m going to pull a AfrikanLatina and rock one for a week 😉

Shrinky hair

Stretched out

Finger combed through

Have your curls taught you anything recently?