Happy Monday!

Aren’t we fortunate that the divas of CN.com are so forthcoming with their beauty secrets?! If it wasn’t for these creative styling tutorials, I’d be doomed to a life of buns and twist-outs!

Without further ado, check out this Pin Curl tutorial by Tiashauntee…

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This style is so easy to do and is actually a two in one. You can do the pin curls and wear them that way and/or remove the hair pins and let your curls cascade.

When I was wearing my press n curl all the time I would do pin curls across the top and wear them with a bun in the back.

A few days later I would take my hair down and I would have some awesome waves going on….the best part – NO HEAT.

For more pics of this style please visit my FOTKI

Maybe she’ll do a vid or provide a step by step tutorial on her gorgeous Twist Bun next! Hint, hint 😉