Rachel’s back… a 23 year old student who currently resides in Louisville, KY. She decided to transition in November 2008, and more than a year later, she is still going strong and has become well versed in dealing with the ‘terrible twos’! This is why Ms. Rachel Neirene is our new Transitioning Guru! Today, she reviews Oyin Handmade Products!

YAY FOR PRODUCT REVIEWS!!!!! So I think I stated in my last post that I would be posting a review for the Oyin products that I received in the mail. Lets just say I had a very invigorating experience right from the start. As soon as I opened the package the aroma of all the products just went to my head and I was in heaven. 🙂

Of course, as usual, I did my deep treatment with my avocado mixture. But this time, I added some punch to it–some Honey Hemp Conditioner and some Greg’s Juice. Yum! That was my reaction as well as my hairs reaction. It soaked it up like water!! I then proceeded to rinse out my hair and then did a co-wash with the Honey Hemp conditioner. Here are my thoughts on that process:

Honey Hemp
Great slip
Smells Great
Detangles like a dream
Hair stays soft EVEN after you rinse out your hair
Hair looks healthy and has great shine.

Greg Juice
Great detangler
Smells great
Softens hair

I am happy with the products.

After I finished rinsing my hair, I went to styling. The Shine and Define made my hair feel silky smooth and my hair was sparkling like diamonds. I was in love. Plus it smells so good and it didn’t weigh my hair down too much-I didn’t want to have three heavy products in my hair. I then added some whipped pudding and let me tell you, it was hard for me not to just dip my finger in and go to town. It smells just like chocolate cake. And if you’re not careful….well…..you know…..my hair felt very moisturized at this point. I was happy. I then separated my hair in sections, oiled my scalp with Aveda Beautifying Oil, and to each section I added a little more of both the S&D and WP. I then added some of the Whipped Shea Butter to my ends. Oh how that Whipped Shea Butter melts in your hands! It’s a wonderful experience. And then of course I got distracted and put some on my ashy knees. Heaven. I went on to braid each section and put a scarf on and called it a night. I kept my hair tied up for the next couple of days. When I finally took it down, my hair was shiny and frizz free! Sorry I didn’t take any pics! I owe ya!

Have you tried Oyin yet? What was your experience?!