Dear Nikki:

What is your go to dry hairstyle – non-puff?” For example, you have an old dried-up twist out or one that didn’t come out well and you need to run to the mall or to to pick up your kid from school/preschool and you want to look a little cute but don’t want to wear a tired puff. What do you do in a pinch?


I’ve been quite lazy lately, and a tired bun has been my style of choice. On more creative days, I’ve done this with a worn out set:

I’ve been jazzing up my bun lately with a sexy pomp in the front. I’ve done that 2 days in a row now with tons of compliments. My pomp makes me feel super fierce, so I put on heavy eye liner…total rock star 😉 I promise to take a pic next time! By the bye, Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade really is a great edge slicker! It works like gel without the stiffness or the flakies!

What about you divas? How do you salvage your sexy on a flat, frizzy, and fuzzy morning? If you’ve got pics to illustrate, leave a link to your fotki in the comments!