You know how we do… meet Yanique!

Hey Nikki!
My name is Yanique and I am a Junior at Agnes Scott College (a predominately White Liberal Arts Woman’s College in GA). I transitioned to natural hair during my senior year of high school and BC’ed 3 times (but that’s a WHOLE other story! lol). I am emailing you because I am in SERIOUS need of my natural communities help!!

As a Black woman rocking an Afro on a predominately White campus, you can only imagine some of the things I go through, subtle but still very much there. Though I LOVE my college, it has it’s flaws and is working on them, but not quick enough for me lol =). Anyways, I lost my work-study because I am a Bill Gates Millennium Scholar which covers undergrad and grad school in certain areas, so the college decided I was not in ‘need’ of work-study. I plan to further my education in Public Health, more specifically in Maternal and Child Health, a program covered under the Gates program, that is NO LONGER COVERED!! Although I have had internships in the past they have been non-paid internships, one in which I worked in two general health clinics in Jamaica and my current internship which I (co)mentor a High School young woman and participate in leadership and training conferences, but frankly…That’s not putting gas in my tank, nor money in my savings for paying my master’s and PhD program.

I need help Nikki! Our career department here on campus lacks PAID opportunities and I REALLY REALLY am in GREAT need. I worked so hard to get where I am today, without receiving the Gates Millennium Scholarship I wouldn’t be where I am because of the economic realities of my household since the downturn of the economy. Basically I am asking that if anyone can give me an opportunity to step my foot in the door and increase my savings for graduate school, please help me!! I am very dedicated and passionate about my work in women’s health and equality and I would not turn down a volunteer opportunity that would allow me to further network, because of my love of the area. Also any job opportunities outside of this area would be appreciated, I just need something meaningful quickly. Please let me know if you or any of the natural community can help me, or if you need more information.

Thank You SO MUCH in advance,