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Curly Nikki

Ignorant People That Hate On My Natural Hair

By January 27th, 202123 Comments
SmartBlackChic writes:

Here is a video of me talking about my frustrations with people (mainly family) that have negative things to say about my natural hair. It’s a video to tell the transitioners to keep it pushing, the newly natural to forget the haters, & old head naturals to keep rocking it! It’s called: Ignorant People That Hate On My Fro & Natural Hair


  • Anonymous says:

    So beautiful and intelligent. Go girl!

  • Anonymous says:

    You are very beautiful. Don't mind the haters!

  • Anonymous says:

    So I am at work right now and unable to view your vid, BUT from your description of the vid, I feel you!!! I decided to go natural 2 years ago and i never cut off my hair (not that brave)but i just got it straighten every week and now i am deciding to not straighten anymore and just wear my natural hair and i feel people are always looking at me weird or talking about me family included :o( . lol, i really dont care, b/c i do have a great support system of friends who are all in various stages of their journey and its great to have someone who can understand what its all about!! keep your head up and continue to be the beautiful natural you God intended you to be!!! xoxox

  • Anonymous says:

    The comment about the dirty house and mirror was priceless! LOL!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Kudos to you!!! I was not the brave at your age. Please just remember…you can not cure stupid!!

  • JustTrena says:

    Beautiful, SMART, young lady who is truly wise beyond her years! And yes, grown folks can be straight ignorant too. I'm so glad you have a place to come to for "back up"…we got your back!!

  • NikNak says:

    I just don't understand, how some people don't see something wrong with hating who they are.

    Nappy/Tightly Coily hair is as much a part of us as dark skin, why are people acting as if it's some genetic defect?

  • Anonymous says:

    Excellent video!!! Thanks for sharing your fustration with us and the ignorance of others. You are handling the situation very well. You should be very proud for taking a stand of your conviction and the liberty to love who yourself, despite the opinions.

  • Rochelle Spencer says:

    Some of that is coming from people's own insecurities. They never saw the beauty of their own glorious natural hair, so they're "hating on" you for seeing the beauty within yourself.

  • Anonymous says:

    excellent video. you are wise beyond your years. the "n" hair comments and "looking like a boy" comments just prove that ignorance has no respect to age. you are a beautiful young woman. stay true to yourself and never let be influenced by ignorance.

  • Denise Taylor says:

    I wish I had that kind of confidence at 16. Unfortunately I have had a lot of the same issues from ignorant people (relatives and strangers) which makes me more self conscious about rocking my fabulous natural hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    What an amazing young lady; and I am so glad she has this forum to address these ignant a-holes in her family. It's incredible, but I read about young Black ladies getting this type of opposition about natural hair-but I don't hear the same type of comments about the countless young Black men walking around with their pants hanging off their butts. And a GROWN woman spweing some venom to a young girl about ni66er hair-SmartBlackChic has more restraint than i do because i would have cursed her out.

    also want to mention, her little cousins in the beginning of the video are adorable with gorgeous hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    You are wise beyond your yours! Stay confident and strong and don't you pay them any mind! N**er hair, for real?!

  • Trinity says:

    Continue to speak your conviction. You are wise beyond your years.

  • CocoEuro says:

    LOL @ Yoshi3329 "They'll be back"!!! LOL!

  • CocoEuro says:

    "N" hair??? How absurd!!! Shame, shame, shame!!! Ignorance is at all ages!! You’re a very smart girl! Don't ever down play your thoughts and views to make someone feel comfortable with you!!! Stay Blessed!

  • Anonymous says:

    Great video from a very special young lady! I am so happy that she is not allowing herself to be influenced by ignorance, self-hate and insecurity. There are so many people who try to politicize personal choice – especially if that choice doesn't suppport the mainstream beauty standard status quo. God forbid if one displays self-acceptance rather than trying to create a false image of beauty. Being your own authentic self can be a struggle in a society which wants to persist in portraying ONE standard of beauty. I am so glad to see that this young lady is accepting herself and is willing to stand against those who try and knock her around- even if some are family.

  • danielle green says:

    I see such an inspiring, beautiful gem in you young lady. As a Master hairstylist, I encourage my Afro and Natural Curly hair clients to embrace their texture too! Ignorance is: by definition lack of education or awareness. I encourage you to continue to use your voice to reach out to other girls your age that want to embrace their natural curls. Keep up the work and looking forward to hearing more from you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Kudos to you young lady! Maintain your strong sense of self and maturity throughout life; you will go far.

    There's a communication theory that we treat the ones we love the worst. As sad as that is, I believe it. But you are beautiful, and you obviously know you are not your hair, rather it is a part of you.

    Fro' on girl!

  • Anonymous says:

    i had no idea she was 16. brava!

  • Yoshi3329 says:

    You remind me of myself when I was 16. I was a lot more, how you say, enlighten then the rest of my family. Don't worry when their hair falls out and their edges and nape are ruined they'll be back.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with anonymous above. You have such a strong sense of self. And you are so insightful for your years. 16 is often the age when outside pressure is the most difficult to combat. You're more than holding your own. I'm so proud of you.

  • Anonymous says:

    You are beyond your years!

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