Hi Nikki,

I love your blog so much. I have learned so much since I discovered it in January, and trying the HE Hello Hydration, Totally Twisted and DevaCare and DevaCurl have changed my curls. I love these conditioners like block parties and 50 cent rainbow ices! Anyway, I have always been a product junkie but now that I have learned how to take better care of my curls my pj’ism has reached new proportions.
I recently bought two Qhemet Biologics Products: the Amla & Olive Heavy Cream and the Burdock Root Butter Cream. My hair is pretty dry and because of the cold weather I’ve only tried the Heavy Cream so far. I’ve used it about 3 weeks in a row. It is super moisturizing. I have both dry and very porous hair so anything that keeps it moisturized is a holy grail for sure. I tried to use it along with my DevaCurl for a twist set. Good news/ bad news on this combination. The good news was that my hair had great slip and curl definition as I was detangling and twisting, and was super soft when it dried. The bad news, my hair was so soft that it was fuzzy. It felt and smelled great but my hair looked uber fuzzy at the roots. When I use the DevaCurl with pure shea I don’t have this much fuzz (barely any) so the Amla & Olive was definitely the culprit on this.
After looking more closely I realized that it can also be used as a deep conditioner or pre poo in addition to using it as a moisturizer. Gotta love a multipurpose product! I think it is so moisturizing and conditioning that mixing it with another conditioner equaled cotton head so it was actually my fault. However, as a daily pomade to freshen a twist out or your curls it is great and the reason why I had to write this review is because it gets the smell of smoke out of your hair which I think is no easy feat.

I was in Miami this weekend where people are allowed to smoke in clubs. Between the humidity and my porous hair I smelled like an ashtray. My hair sucked up all the smoke and the humidity made it a little damp which sealed it all in. Yesterday morning the smell was overbearing. I got home late last night and didn’t have time to wash my hair so I used some of the Amla and Olive to moisturize and went to bed. Today I was talking to one of my classmates and she kept saying she smelled cookies. As we are trying to locate (hopefully) free cookies, (we’re broke grad students), she says, “It’s you. It’s your hair!” I didn’t believe the smoke smell could be gone until another classmate said, “no your hair does smell sweet” and then I checked for myself. They were absolutely right. My hair smells kind of like a lemon cookie. When I got home I really shook my hair out to see if the smoke was buried underneath. There are no traces of smoke or any other unpleasant smell. This is great news for anyone whose style lasted beautifully but has been a victim of smoke evaporation. You can both moisturize and freshen the scent of your curls. I think Qhemet is a definite keeper and will make many a curly happy.

Thanks again for really helping me be better to my hair. She is being much better to me as a result. We’re a happy little pair. 🙂

Below are some before and after pics. The first pics (before) are of my hair in Miami (fuzzy wuzzy). I used my Curlisto products for a wash & go before I left for the trip. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough gel and had to improvise a little. As you can see improvising didn’t go well, lol.
I love the big hair but the lack of definition and my poor hair sucking up every bit of humidity it could get… Awful!

The last two pics (After) are from my twist set with Devacurl, shea and Qhemet as my daily moisturizer. Qhemet is good stuff!