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Curly Nikki

Lisa Reviews Qhemet Biologics!

By January 27th, 202123 Comments

Hi Nikki,

I love your blog so much. I have learned so much since I discovered it in January, and trying the HE Hello Hydration, Totally Twisted and DevaCare and DevaCurl have changed my curls. I love these conditioners like block parties and 50 cent rainbow ices! Anyway, I have always been a product junkie but now that I have learned how to take better care of my curls my pj’ism has reached new proportions.
I recently bought two Qhemet Biologics Products: the Amla & Olive Heavy Cream and the Burdock Root Butter Cream. My hair is pretty dry and because of the cold weather I’ve only tried the Heavy Cream so far. I’ve used it about 3 weeks in a row. It is super moisturizing. I have both dry and very porous hair so anything that keeps it moisturized is a holy grail for sure. I tried to use it along with my DevaCurl for a twist set. Good news/ bad news on this combination. The good news was that my hair had great slip and curl definition as I was detangling and twisting, and was super soft when it dried. The bad news, my hair was so soft that it was fuzzy. It felt and smelled great but my hair looked uber fuzzy at the roots. When I use the DevaCurl with pure shea I don’t have this much fuzz (barely any) so the Amla & Olive was definitely the culprit on this.
After looking more closely I realized that it can also be used as a deep conditioner or pre poo in addition to using it as a moisturizer. Gotta love a multipurpose product! I think it is so moisturizing and conditioning that mixing it with another conditioner equaled cotton head so it was actually my fault. However, as a daily pomade to freshen a twist out or your curls it is great and the reason why I had to write this review is because it gets the smell of smoke out of your hair which I think is no easy feat.

I was in Miami this weekend where people are allowed to smoke in clubs. Between the humidity and my porous hair I smelled like an ashtray. My hair sucked up all the smoke and the humidity made it a little damp which sealed it all in. Yesterday morning the smell was overbearing. I got home late last night and didn’t have time to wash my hair so I used some of the Amla and Olive to moisturize and went to bed. Today I was talking to one of my classmates and she kept saying she smelled cookies. As we are trying to locate (hopefully) free cookies, (we’re broke grad students), she says, “It’s you. It’s your hair!” I didn’t believe the smoke smell could be gone until another classmate said, “no your hair does smell sweet” and then I checked for myself. They were absolutely right. My hair smells kind of like a lemon cookie. When I got home I really shook my hair out to see if the smoke was buried underneath. There are no traces of smoke or any other unpleasant smell. This is great news for anyone whose style lasted beautifully but has been a victim of smoke evaporation. You can both moisturize and freshen the scent of your curls. I think Qhemet is a definite keeper and will make many a curly happy.

Thanks again for really helping me be better to my hair. She is being much better to me as a result. We’re a happy little pair. 🙂

Below are some before and after pics. The first pics (before) are of my hair in Miami (fuzzy wuzzy). I used my Curlisto products for a wash & go before I left for the trip. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough gel and had to improvise a little. As you can see improvising didn’t go well, lol.
I love the big hair but the lack of definition and my poor hair sucking up every bit of humidity it could get… Awful!

The last two pics (After) are from my twist set with Devacurl, shea and Qhemet as my daily moisturizer. Qhemet is good stuff!
Lisa Reviews Qhemet Biologics!
Lisa Reviews Qhemet Biologics!
Lisa Reviews Qhemet Biologics!Lisa Reviews Qhemet Biologics!


  • Unknown says:

    Your hair looks nice sis, I will be trying the qb because I hear good reviews about it,I sell my own natural hair oils and Shea-Butter so I will be purchasing some qh, have a Bless nite and take care. to all my sistah' be Bless

  • NegRican24 says:

    OMG!!!! I'm so glad that i decide to read this, one of my prayers have been answered, lol. I don't like to wash my hair more than once a month because it's SUCH a job, but my best friends both smoke like chimneys. It's so bad that i have either worn a plastic cap around them or just stopped visiting them, lol. I now have a solution to the ashtray smell cause febreeze wasn't working.

  • Anonymous says:

    I was very excited to try QB's Alma & Olive Heavy Cream, but I'm severely allergic to citrus fruits. Since I've heard that it smells like lemons, I have to assume it has some type of lemon elements in it. Darn! I'm 5 months post Big Chop (It was scalp length. I cut it all the way off. No new growth.) I have a Teeny Weeny Afro now & I love it but I just haven't found a product that creates the look I want. I know it all depends on hair type, etc. I just wish I could find something. I know it'll need to be really heavy w/ an oil base but I dont want it too gucky. I want my curls to pop & have sheen & gloss. I like the curl activator effect but it doesnt contain any oil. It's a really light gel so I still end up looking like a little cottonball. If I add an oil w/ it, I get a film. Hmm….I'll figure something out. Any suggestions.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes Qhemet is gooooood stuff for my hair!! I use the Amla and Olive Heavy cream with Olive Oil Eco Style Gel to twist. I didnt have to restyle my hair for almost 5 days. I was shocked and happy!! I am also going to try Qhemets new Moringa Tree Condition Ghee. Will let you know how it turns out. I also use Hot Six Oil for my hair and body.

  • Beverly Credelle says:

    I am a natural hairstylist and I absolutely love love love the Qhemet Biologics products. I was forced to come out of wearing Sisterlocks 11 months ago after some stress related issues took its toll on my hair. Having worn locks for 12 years I needed to figure out what products would work for my type 4 hair. I stumbled upon the QB product line and I have not looked back.

    I shampoo with the QB Egyptian Wheatgrass Cleansing Tea. While my hair is wet I stroke the QB Amla & Olive heavy Cream along with the Honeybush Soft Tea Gel into my hair. I currently either 2 strand twist, flat twist or rod my hair as my hair grows out. When I rod set I sit under the dryer and my hair looks as if I pressed it. I do NOT comb. I fingerstyle this look. Combing would cause frizz on the ends. Keep in mind that other than a hooded hair dryer I do not use any other heat styling implements on my hair.

    The QB products leave my tightly coiled type 4 hair very moisturized, soft and shiny. The Soft Tea Gel also does an excellent job of defining my curls. My husband loves touching my soft, shiny, curly hair. Don't get me wrong… he loved my locs but now he is gaining another appreciation for my hair__ thanks to the creator/s of Qhemet Biologics.

    Okay back to the product review… In between shampooing I use the QB Burdock Root Butter Cream or my own mixture of blended oils to moisturize my scalp. Since I am here to rave about the QB products my mixture is not of concern (LOL).

    Since discovering this product line I now recommend the QB Burdock Root Butter Cream to my clients who wear locs. This gives them the proper moisturization without fear of causing the roots to unravel. I even mention the product to customers in the store where I purchase the QB line. I help the store sell out every time I am in there. Hey QB you have a bonafide spokesperson for free.

    Okay everyone did I mention how much I love love love the Qhemet Biologics products? Of course I did… but it was worth mentioning again ;-D. TIP>> for the product junkies try your best to use the QB products with their own products. They are made to work together. Using with other product lines could result in unfavorable results. Mixing totally natural with chemically made or lab created could result in unfavorable results.

  • Carmen says:

    Hello everyone,

    I must say that, since my major transition (THE BIG CUT) three weeks ago and discovering and trying Qhemet Biologics products, I AM SIMPLY LOVING IT! I have a 4b hair type, meanning my hair is fine and dry at times. So taken and anxious about the reviews of Qhemet products, I didn't hesitated in ordering. I ordered five of their products: Alma & Olive Heavy Cream, Burdock Root Butter Cream, Alma Oil Nourishing Pomade, Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee, and the Egyptian Wheatgrass Cleansing Tea. Having tried all except the Cocoa Detangling Ghee, for lack of words, I AM STILL AMAZED! I am really enjoying my hair every single day and am excited to see the results one year from now. The money spent on their products is well worth it…you get what you pay for.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hated thier products! well, the ones that i tried: heavy whipping cream and something else that smelled like lemons! i was upset i spent money on it but i am happy evryone else liked it! but as for me I WILL BEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN! I WAS HIGHLY PISSED after trying thier products numerous ways and still to no avail!

  • lisa says:

    Hi Veronica,

    I usually put my twists in and leave them in for 3-4 days and then when they start looking fuzzy I take them out and wear the twist out. How long did it last? My twist outs usually last 5-7 days if it's not super humid. If it is, there's no telling how long before I start looking like a ball of fuzz.

    I do re-twist my hair each night (which is why I think I can stretch the twist out so long) and then cover it with a satin scarf or my Sue Maesta hooded band ( it looks like a stocking cap). I know exactly what you mean about tangling and I do find that my twist outs get fuzzy and flat if I don't re-twist at night.

    I do maybe 8 big twists before bed. I also like it because my hair winds up being protected for a good part of the day. I put some qhemet or kbb hair butter in my hair each night and then twist. This also seals moisture in my hair and keeps the texture. My hair can get very dry.

    When I used to moisturize and do a high pony my next day results were so unpredictable. Sometimes my hair would straighten a little, sometimes the curls would be all crushed, or sometimes it just wouldn't lay right if I wanted to wear it all down. Doing the twists before bed eliminates all that.

    I wake up in the morning. Unravel the twists and shake my head from side to side to separate the curls. This works better for me than fluffing or separating with my fingers. Somehow whenever I do either of those I wind up disturbing the curls and creating frizz.

    Oh, another great thing about re-twisting each night is, if you wake up in the morning and it's raining, humid, or you just don't feel like wearing your hair down. You can pin your twists up for a cool updo. With some dangly earrings and a little lip gloss. You'll look so fierce. I do that a lot when I'm rushing to class. I hope you'll try the twist out it's a great way to stretch your hairstyle. 🙂

  • Unknown says:

    Your hair looks to be about the same texture as mine. When you did your twist-out, how log did it last? Did you sleep with a satin cap or did you tie it down? And in the morning, did it bounce back or was it flat? Did you re-twist it before going to bed? I usually wear my hair in twists but am afraid of trying a twist out for fear that it will be all tangled and a mess later. You know? Your hair definitely looks great in the picture with the yellow top. Keep the ideas coming!

  • lisa says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Anonymous (March 6th), to get the style for picture 3 I kept my twists in for 3 days. I unraveled, fluffed just a little and pinned it up. The top is pinned under at the crown and I lifted it a little so it would have volume at the roots. Imagine two little pompadours. I let the sides hang down and I pinned up the back and let a few stray curls hang down. I hope this answers what you're asking me, if not let me know.

    Mochacurl, I am a NY'er 🙂 Since you get a little fuzzy with Wash n Go's too, I was hoping you might have stumbled upon a cure. Have you?

  • Anonymous says:

    What did you do to your hair to acheive this look (picture 3)?

  • Anonymous says:

    Qhemet is the TRUTH! I wish they made a conditioner.

  • Balls Of Beauty says:

    yup! i too took advantage of the black friday sale and got honeybush tea gel, olive n honey balm and burdock cream! now i need to try the alma cuz my hair loves heavy anything! the olive n honey balm is my fav though!

  • Anonymous says:

    I purchased these products during the Black Friday sale in November. I used them on twists and I was very pleased with the results. Soft, moisturized, defined curls with lots of shine…SisterBoyd

  • mochacurl says:

    I think your hair looks great in all of the pics. I can relate to the lack of definition in the first pic…that's my trial most anytime I try a WnG, but it looks good anyhow. Your reference to block parties and 50 icees cracked me up…leads me to believe you're a NY'er.

  • Anonymous says:

    I've used qhemet exclusively since beginning my transition 15 months ago. I always have well moisturized, soft, shiny, tangle-free hair regardless of the season. I spritz daily with water and apply a little burdock/honey mixture or burdock/softgel mixture in summer. A amla/honey or Amla/softgel mixture in winter and ghee detangler whenever needed. The refresher is sooooo nice anytime and the clarifying shampoo once a month. I love the multipurpose use of products and since they are concentrated, a little goes a long way.It takes me at least 7 months to use the regular sized container.

  • Mystique says:

    Qhemet is the business! … l-ve that stuff!

  • Novella L. says:

    I tell you Qhemet Biologics products are
    indeed excellent for your hair and scalp.
    Hairveda Green Tea is excellent also
    for very dry hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Everyone raves about this stuff. I feel as if I'm in the Twilight Zone with the Amla & Olive cream. Based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews I've read all over the place, I purchased it for my young son who has very dry thick, tightly coiled hair and it was a big flop. His hair still looked and felt sorta dry, but gumpy, though I used a light hand with application. It felt no different from some of the other creams I've found in the African-American hair aisle in the drugstore. Those had bad ingredients, but were much cheaper. Then I tried the Amla Olive cream on my own hair, which is fine with looser curl. The results were just… meh. Still nothing to write home about. I'm thinking I received a bad batch, but not sure I will experiement again at that price, which is too high when I factor in shipping costs.I've had better luck with a regular ol' homemade unrefined coconut oil and shea butter mix on both of our heads. This is a case of results varying of course. Nothing works well on everyone, but thought I'd add my experience. Always interested in other people's reviews.

  • Anonymous says:

    Your hair is soo fly!!! Thanks for the review. I too used DevaCurl with the Amla & Olive Heavy Cream and didn't like the results. Will need to retry based on your review.

  • Anonymous says:

    I definitely have to co-sign Qhemet's Amla & Olive Heavy Cream. It was the primary reason I had no breakage during my transition to natural. It kept my roots and line of demarcation strong and hydrated. All of her products contain Sulfur (MSM) so the growth rate was healthy too.

    The Burdock Root Butter Cream is a lighter version that many prefer in the summer (and Heavy Cream in the winter). My hair is so prone to dryness the Heavy Cream works just great in the hot humid summer.

    If you want a power combo… try mixing and little of her Olive & Honey Hydrating hair balm with the creams. SUPER SOFT and not greasy if used sparingly.

    Qhem is a member of the Longhaircareforum and gives great tips on different uses for her products. Her website does too.

    The Heavy Cream and the Burdock can be used on wet or dry hair.


  • G says:

    Awesome hair. Thanks for the review.

  • Christina says:

    That's it. I'm ordering some of this stuff.

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