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Curly Nikki

On the Couch with Alta Angel– A Current Transitioner

By January 27th, 202114 Comments
Meet Alta Angel… 8 months into her transition and discovering the versatility of naturally curly hair.

Hi Nikki!

I love your site and I hope you realize the impact that this site will have on current and future generations of African-American women. Learning to love, respect, and honor yourself despite the world’s negativity is a powerful thing!

I am currently 8 months into my transition to natural hair and it has been a wonderful experience. I believe that my hair is 4a in the front and 4b in the back. I have approximately 4 inches of new growth at this point, but I am trying to hold out for 8 or 9 inches. Like many others, over the years I have had two or three episodes where through no fault of my own,
the chemicals from the relaxer broke off my hair. In 2006 my hair went from past bra strap length to neck length (I had switched to another hairdresserthat botched my hair)…this is when I first contemplated natural hair.

Unfortunately, I was not aware of the options or versatility of natural hair then, so I continued relaxing. When my youngest daughter was two years old, my oldest daughter remarked that she and the little one had the same hair. She then looked at me and said, “Mommy why is your hair different than ours?” I said that their hair was beautiful, thick, and perfectly designed.
Miss Smarty replied, “If it is so perfect, then why don’t you wear your hair “curly” like ours?” That was June 20, 2009 and it was the day I decided to transition to natural hair (My last relaxer was May 21, 2009). My husband and children have been my biggest cheerleaders!

An acquaintance introduced me to a salon in Atlanta that specializes in natural hair straightening. They use Design Essentials products and a hydration steamer to infuse moisture into the hair. Afterwards, my hair would be silky and bouncy and I loved it. But once I washed my hair and saw my little coils, I was hooked! I was determined not to be dependent on another hairdresser to achieve my look. So, I purchased the same Design Essential products and a hydration steamer and went to work on my own hair. I now go to the salon once every other month to get trims and a different look because I don’t straighten my hair at home. When I go for my next haircut in Feb, I should be half natural-half relaxed and I am so excited!

Current Regimen:

1. Ideally, on the night before wash day, I part my hair into eight sections,
finger-detangle and then braid each section.

2. I apply coconut oil (Spectrum Brand from Whole Foods) and Suave
Coconut Naturals Conditioner to each section, put on a plastic cap and a scarf
over that and go to bed.

3. The next day, I either use Design Essentials Oatmeal
Shampoo or DE Moisturizing Shampoo for 1 lather and rinse (while still in the

4. I next apply Design Essentials Stimulations conditioner to each
section. I use a wide-toothed comb to distribute the condish thru each section
and re-braid.

5. I put the plastic cap back on and sit under the steamer for 30 minutes. My
4a/4bhair is so soft and completely detangled at this point.

6. I rinse out the conditioner with cool water and apply a leave in to each
section, comb through with a medium-toothed comb, and put a ponytail holder on
each section. (Picture an old school kid’s hairstyle parted down the middle
with 4 ponytails on each side)

7. On each ponytail I put 4 small magnetic yellow rollers and I sit under the
dryer for 30 minutes. My favorite leave-ins are: Darcy’s Botanicals
Transition Crème and Design Essentials 2n1.

8. After my hair is completely dry, I can brush the sides back, put on an
ouchless headband and wear a curly puff or brush up the back and leave curls on
the side for a cute updo.

I am in the corporate world, so I appreciate seeing hairstyles that have that professional, grown and sexy look! I have enclosed two of my “work” hair styles: one flat-ironed style and one roller set style.

Thanks to sites like this one, I have had a plethora of information at my fingertips to assist me on this journey! I get inspiration from every one of your stories, and I appreciate this opportunity to share mine!

Alta Angel

Picture Guide:
Angel 112009- Flat ironed style during month 5 of transition
Angel 012810- Roller set during month 8 of transition (profile)
Angel 012810-3- Roller set during month 8 of transition (front)
Angelrelaxed- Relaxed hair 10 years ago (yikes that was a long time ago!)

On the Couch with Alta Angel-- A Current TransitionerOn the Couch with Alta Angel-- A Current TransitionerOn the Couch with Alta Angel-- A Current TransitionerOn the Couch with Alta Angel-- A Current Transitioner


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