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Curly Nikki

On the Couch With Cicely J.

By January 27th, 202110 Comments

On the Couch With Cicely J.

Hey Nikki,
I visited your site after I saw you on Tyra and I am soooooo excited. I didn’t realize there was such a forum for us au naturel gurls! I have been wearing my hair natural all of my life minus the times in my teenage years I was burning it out bi-weekly getting it pressed. Back then I was not able to embrace my naturally curly, multi-racial, temperamental tresses. Now I get stopped daily (when I wear my hair out) by people wanting to know what I put in my hair or how I get my hair to “do that”.
I wash my hair once a week (mixed chicks line and/or kinky curly line) I condition my hair twice a week w/ Olive Oil cream moisturizing lotion and/or avocado conditioner. I also us morrocan oil for sheen.
I do not straighten my hair other than once or twice a year for special occasions, annual trimmings, or to note growth. When wearing it up, I do not use rubber bands ever!
As a teen in HS I was not as confident about my hair because back then everyone had the permed “wrap” look like SWV. I could not get that look w/o the damaging results of pressing and even then, it would only last a day or two if I was lucky.
For the most part I wore my hair gelled up in a bun and/or pony tail because I was teased when
I wore it out (called nappy or oreo) and constantly asked what I was mixed with. My classmates had no idea my natural hair was down passed the middle of my back until graduation day when I straightened it out.
Now I love my curls, and instead of being teased for them they are celebrated and envied.
Below are a few pics of my hair (I am trying to stop dying it because I was bored w/ it being black but the coloring has made it dry).
I am a published author now and public speaker. Everywhere I go I tell inquisitors about my hair regime and now I will also tell them about your site. Awesome!
Kindest Regards,
Cicely J.

On the Couch With Cicely J.
On the Couch With Cicely J.


  • Anonymous says:

    gawjuss hair!

  • Cicely J says:

    @ Curly Fro … I go to the salon and yes only the front is colored. I do it only twice a year (every six months) and get it deep conditioned because bleach is very drying.

  • Cicely J says:

    Thanks you all!

    I use sunlit brown by Dark N Lovely and 30 volume bleach to get the color.
    Thank you ElleX … the book comes out this month.

  • ElleX says:

    Cicely J, I just heard your interviews (a few weeks ago) on Dherbs Radio – you did a great job. Your hair is gorgeous!

  • savvybrown says:

    OMG her hair is GAWJUS!

  • Anonymous says:

    beautiful curls!

  • CurlyFro says:

    I would love to learn more about your hair color. What Lovely Color is That! It appears only the front half is colored? Did you or a professional color treat your hair. Do you color often or is this a one time thing? Did you notice a Difference in the look and feel of your hair after coloring (the look Looks Great so more did you notice a difference in the feel, like did you have to change your daily products. Thanks in Advance.
    Interested in Coloring my hair in the future.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thx for sharing your story. Your hair looks great. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    you have beautiful hair! It must feel so good to finally embrace the hair that God gave you, and have others embrace it too! Good for you mama!

  • Serenity3-0 says:

    Her curls are gorgeous! I love the color too.

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