Meet Tikisha… 5 minutes away from purchasing a ‘Bump It’ to give her relaxed hair volume, she decided it was time to embrace her natural curls.

My pursuit of naturalness started a mere 4 months ago. I’ve never been happier in my LIFE!! Those around me can’t quite understand my new found love of my hair. It’s actually unexplainable how obsessed I am with my natural tresses. Years ago, my cousin convinced me to go natural. However, I had absolutely positively NO CLUE on what to do. I cut it, dyed it black and…I seen NO curls! I washed it, threw in some black gel (EEEK!) and still…NO curls. I threw some braids in for a good 6 months. Soon as I took ‘em out I threw a perm in because I had neither knowledge nor guidance to even attempt to take care of my new growth.

Fast forward…August 2009, my co-worker is yapping her mouth on going natural and asked me to do the same. I looked at her like she was speaking Chinese math. First thought that came to mind was when I failed previously. I had many of the same general myths of naturalness so I came up with all kinds of “excuses”. 1. I don’t want to look “nappy” 2. its too high maintenance 3. my hair is too thick 4. I don’t want my hair looking dry 5. I already tried and it didn’t work for me. She kept throwing it in my ear and I still didn’t budge. Although I already had my mind made up, I couldn’t help but stare at her computer screen when she was browsing around miss jessie’s website. I’ve always secretly wanted big hair (think Bey in her “work it out” vid) and envy Traci Ross’ tresses. I hate when I get a fresh perm and I have no volume or bigness to my hair. I was dang near ready to get the “Bump It”, lol. Next thing you know, I’m searching natural hair websites and I become so engulfed in this whole new world. It was then I made the decision to reroute my next hair appointment for a touch up to the infamous “BC”.

Sept 2009, if I wanted to embark on this new journey I wanted to do it right and start fresh. My hair was already short but I didn’t plan on doing my Amber Rose cut til 50. I sat in the chair and once my stylist turned on the clippers she asked “so you wanna cut all the perm off?” I’m like “ummmm…yes”. For that split second I wasn’t so confident I could go for the gusto but next thing I know..BZZZZZZZ. I now feel the air on top of my scalp! She hands me the mirror and I’m thinking ‘WTF’. She assures me to take in the vision and what I have in store for the future. It was that very moment, I started to feel liberated. I threw on some lip gloss and mascara and BAM!!

I transformed into a whole new person. My confidence has so boosted. I went out and got a hair journal. I take notes like crazy and jot down what products work, how to use em, styles to try, shea butter mixes and I take a pic every month to keep track of my progress and just personal feelings my hair has given me. My Internet surfing has turned from gossip blogs into natural hair blogs. My new pleasure is buying products and receiving a package in the mail for my hair feels like Christmas morning. I’m so happy my girl put me on to this CN network because I’ve been adopted by a whole new family. I’m literally OBSESSED with this site and forum. You ladies keep me motivated to be fearless and confident every step of the way. I love there’s such a positive movement of women willing to share a plethora of information they’ve learned. I totally would not have been able to continue my journey without the support of my girls. This journey has empowered me to take interest in so many ideas that would’ve never been on my radar had I not gone natural. I’ve transitioned to use more natural products on my body, take on a healthier lifestyle, and support local black businesses with a passion to maintain my hair and body glow.

Since my journey I’ve yet to use an umbrella, my skin has been FLAWLESS, no breakouts on my face, I love the water hitting my head every 2 days and I cant wait til the summer where I’m no longer concerned about the pool messing my hair up, lol. In conclusion, this is by far the greatest decision I’ve made. I’ve networked with so many wonderful people and I can’t wait to see what else my beautiful coils have in store for me!