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Curly Nikki

Sistertwists Style for Natural Hair

By January 27th, 202111 Comments

NikG of BeadsBraidsBeyond dishes on ways to keep baby girl’s natural hair healthy and beautiful, without pulling yours out!

Sistertwists Style for Natural Hair
Sister twists are adorable for little girls! Not mention they are a protective style and can last up to 2 weeks.

I washed A’s hair a couple of days before, and put her hair in several big single braids to stretch her hair out a bit. Once we were ready to style I took her braids down and used Giovanni Direct Leave-in to finger detangle her hair. I added a few cornrows on the side first, then I started parting small boxes in the back of her hair and working my way up. You can use unrefined shea butter on the twists, or whatever your product of choice may be.

Sister twists are very easy to do. You just part the hair out, split it into two sections, and twist each section in opposite directions, then start twisting them around each other. This is a great video tutorial on sister twists I find sister twists last much longer than regular two strand twists. They have a much better hold, and much less frizz.

I did these twists on dry hair. Not only do they add more length, but they minimized the amount of frizz A had. I’ll show you a side by side comparison shot. Sister twists done on wet hair VS sister twists done on dry hair.

If you want the thicker, curly twists, try doing regular two strand twists on wet hair.

We moisturized these twists every couple of days with some Giovanni Direct Leave-in. Add a bow and you’re good to go! 🙂

Sistertwists Style for Natural Hair


  • Tiya says:

    Hi hope this is not too late!!!
    Does your daughter have fine hair or protein sensitive or something?
    My hair seems to love protein, it breaks all the time and at the end of my week when I'm washing it and things, it only minimises after I load it with Giovanni direct leave in at the end. I understand that this has some protein inn it. So I'm thinking about maybe using it as a mosturizer during the week when I have my twists in. How do use it? Do you dilute it or just apply straight to the twist? How often in a week do you do this. I usually use shea butter to mosturize my hair during the week so I'm worried that my hair will not get enough mouisture using giovanni alone. Would you recommend applying Giovanni during the day and then some shea on at night? do you think it would work?
    Many Many Many Thanks

  • KeetaRay says:

    Love the style! Now I've learned a new way to twist 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Very nice! I'm going to try these on my own hair as a change from two-strand twists. ~KNF519

  • GG says:

    I'm definitely going to try this…my daughter has very fine hair and regular two strand twists don't hold very well. Thanks for sharing. I love Beads and Braids and Beyond and get a lot of ideas from there.

  • Beads, Braids & Beyond says:

    royaltiy, no, I don't. If we're not doing a twist out to make the style last longer I will rinse her hair with water, load it with conditioner, and start unraveling the twists kind of from the top, if that makes sense, and work my way down.

    Anonymous, Thank you. I'm working on the watermakrs, lol. As you can see, I'm getting better. (if you remember the box braids post)I'm not sure I'll do any less than what I'm doing now. What part of the style are you having trouble seeing?

    maria, I don't think so. I don't see how the twists can cause future damage.

    Anoynymous, yeah the comb they used is really small. It didn't look like they were having difficulty at all though, looks like her hair was very well detangled.

  • Hair and Beyond says:

    I love this style, I have done it a few times on my own daughters hair. Loven the little girls hair thats pictured also.

  • Anonymous says:

    looks great on your little one. I had never heard of sister twist. I might try them. I watched the video and cringed when I saw the small tooth comb, that should be a no-no on natural hair.

  • Unknown says:

    Is twisting of hair like this causes hair damage in future ?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey you do an amazing job with your babies' hair. Kudos. One suggestion I have is to watermark less. I know you have to watermark so that ppl don't steal your pics and claim they are their own, but you watermark so much throughout the image that it makes it difficult to actually see the style in the picture. Just a suggestion.

  • Anonymous says:

    that's adorable, and i was just considering doing my hair in twists

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the explanation. I always wonder what sister twists were. Do you find that the hair tangles more when taking out the twist becuase of the double twisting?

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