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Curly Nikki

Tiny Twirls Two Strand Twist How-To

By January 27th, 202115 Comments
NikG of BeadsBraidsBeyond dishes on ways to keep baby girl’s natural hair healthy and beautiful, without pulling yours out!

Tiny Twirls Two Strand Twist How-To
A twist out is a great style for little girls, and it’s a way for them to wear their hair down without getting a bunch of no fun knots and tangles.

I used Tiny Twirls Daily Moisturizing Styler by Kinky Curly on wet hair to do these two strand twists. It took 40 minutes to an hour to twist all of her hair. I didn’t make any parts, I just grabbed small/medium sections with my fingers. I applied about a dime size amount of Tiny Twirls Styler to each section, then used the Denman D3 brush to distribute the product evenly. If the hair starts to dry, just grab your spray bottle and rewet the hair.

About 1 1/2 hours later her twists were dry, so I took them out and she had an amazing soft, moisturized, well defined twist out. You can leave the twists in for a few days if you would like, then take them out for a few days to switch it up. She is actually on day 3 of her twist out and her hair still looks, and feels amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

You can see our entire Tiny Twirls by Kinky Curly review on our blog.

Tiny Twirls Two Strand Twist How-ToTiny Twirls Two Strand Twist How-To
Tiny Twirls Two Strand Twist How-To


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