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Hi Nikki,

I was one of your first transition to natural features a while back. I’ve hit my one year anniversary and I’m so excited. I wanted to share some pics with you. Also thank you for your awesome blog. Since I’ve started this journey, your blog has been a staple in my natural hair obsession, lol. You rock!!


My Current Regimen: I hot oil and DC every Sunday. Throw some plaits or twists in and I’m good to go, lol. I only do my hair during the week if I’m going out which is very rare, lol!

My Nightly Routine: If my hair isn’t braided or twisted I put it up into a high pony and throw my bonnet on.

Current Products: Totally Twisted (detangling), The funny thing is it’s been a year and I still haven’t found a leave in or deep conditioner that I really like :-(. Castor Oil to seal in moisture (Thanks Nikki for that review. I’m loving Castor Oil). EVOO for hot oil treaments and scalp massages.

My BC (Feb ’09)

Old Twist Out (April ’09)

Old Wash and Go (May ’09)
Puff (August ’09)

Twist Out on dry hair (November ’09)

Twist Out on Dry Hair (January ’10)

Flat Ironed with my Maxiglide (heat level 8), I DC’ed then used Jane Carter Leave-In spray. I let it air dry overnight. Then I used Silk Elements Heat Protection spray and Kemi Oyl. (February ’10)