Hola Chicas!

So, I’m off to St. Thomas USVI next week for a much needed vaca, and I need your help! I’ve never been during the ‘on’ season, and I hear that it’s ridiculously humid. Ideas (and pics and how to vids, lol) for some cute updo styling options besides my trusty bun, would be much appreciated!

I’d love to learn to french braid before I head down there, but that’s highly unlikely. I can see myself with a huge, bright flower near my ear, and a simple, chic french braid to the back, but I’m seriously challenged when it comes to braiding. Any suggestions??

I tried mini-twists last weekend…yeah…my hair is wayyyy to fine to rock those. It was extra scalpy and the twists looked like twigs! Not hot. Styles like that remind me that I don’t have as much hair as I think I have ๐Ÿ˜‰ After a 3 hour styling session, and a 12 hour period of trying to learn to love them, I promptly took them down (which was hellacious). Sad.

I bought a cute floppy hat (it’s HUGE and so diva!) and some beautiful scarves for the days I don’t feel like dealing with it at all… I’ve been wanting to yank my hair out in ZERO humidity weather, so I can only imagine how frustrated I’ll be in the islands. I’ve got some pretty serious pregnancy hormones raging through my system and I find myself reaching for the scissors on a daily basis, lol! Yep you read right… ๐Ÿ˜‰

So ladies, please save me from shaving my head and donning a wig! I need a style that is chic, cute, and most important, up and out of the way.

Later Gators,