Shannon writes:

CurlyNikki Community,

Hi!!! Okay, my name is Shannon and this is my second time going on the natural hair journey. I was natural for two years in 2005 and I slipped up and got a relaxer (the worst mistake ever). Well not only was my hair relaxed but it was also colored which caused my hair to BREAK tremendously!!!! It was like my hair went into shock and the only way I knew how to recover it was going back to the source that made my hair beautiful….. being NATURAL.

So currently I am in my 10th month of transition and it’s been a stress free transition so far. I’ve been wearing quick weaves and sew ins and my hair is growing so fast. My issue is once you decided to do your big chop, where do you go from there? Before, when I was natural, I wasn’t aware of all the different resources that were available to me. So I was looking at my hair and thinking ok where do I go from here. I don’t have the hair where if you put water on it the curls just pop. I have 4b and the alphabet after that LOL! I can see my curl pattern if I pull a strand out but how can I define my 4b hair without using gel??? I washed and conditioned my hair this weekend and it came out really soft and if I get up really close to the mirror and I can see my tightly coiled kinky hair but no definition. Please Help…..THANKS!!!