Super Food of the Week: Yogurt

Yogurt has to be one of the most easy and convenient healthiest foods. Its a quick easy snack that can easily be jazzed up with just about any fruit and fits nicely in a purse or lunch box. This week’s super food is loaded with probiotics to promote a healthy immune system (we have all seen the Activia commercials by now). But beyond the probiotics yogurt offers a rich source of calcium, proteins, B Vitamins and various other minerals that help restore and maintain the moisture and the strength of your hair. Yogurt also does wonders for your body as well. Daily consumption of yogurt helps lower LDL (unhealthy) cholesterol and raise HDL (healthy) cholesterol. The calcium content of yogurt helps boost the ability to build ones and studies have shown that people who regularly consume yogurt have lower body fat percentages. Yogurt also promotes good oral health and the reduction of bad breath by lowering levels of sulfide compounds that cause bad breath and the reduction of plaque formation and cavities. Low fat or fat free yogurt with live cultures are typically recommended for consumption but this super food’s full fat version can be useful as well. Full fat yogurt serves as the base of many homemade conditioners and protein treatments, such as the Cherry Lola Treatment. So, whether you are grabbing a quick snack on the way to a meeting or constructing your weekly hair cocktail, yogurt’s benefits and versatility inside and outside the body truly makes this food a super food.

Fitness Tip of the Week: Crank up the tunes (and your workout)!

As a personal trainer, people always ask me how I stay pumped and motivated throughout my workouts. My answer is simple. Music. There is no argument that music has a great effect on a person’s state of mind and the same can be done during your workout. Studies have been published showing how music can motivate a runner to run longer or a cyclist to pedal faster. The trick is music helps to boost spirits, even during exercise. In addition, music also reduces the feeling of fatigue and help people push through some uncomfortable feelings about physical activity by producing a relaxation response. The rhythm of music can serve as a cadence which can help improve motor coordination and reduce the risk of injury. The rhythm is also great for motivation as it forces you to keep up with the tempo. Example: How many times have you been driving in your car listening to the radio or out in the club and your favorite song started playing and you had the uncontrollable urge to dance and move to the beat like no one could see you? That’s the power of music. Why not bring that power to the table at your workouts? So if your looking to enhance your cardiovascular workout try music with an upbeat feel and a strong rhythm. For cool-downs or stretching try slower beats with soft undertones. For your strength training try something that’s middle of the road depending on your choice of strength training activity. Its no doubt that music’s inspirational power is far reaching so if you are looking for something to spice up your routine or to drown out that little voice of doubt in your head, crank up the tunes and your workout!

Until next week!


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