Bambiix2 is back and this time she’s talking about jazzing up your TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)!
As a newly natural boo , I understand the depressing feeling you experience the day after you wake up to your short ‘do. When I woke up , I was bare faced , groggy , no earrings …and had short hair that I could do nothing with. I didn’t cry , I didn’t feel extremely bad, I just stared at myself for a while. I didn’t even touch my hair. I just stared because I was in utter shock. I thought to myself maybe I should have big chopped during the day so it didn’t feel like a dream when I woke up. I didn’t quite look like what I was accustomed waking up to for the last couple of years. To top it all off, my mother told me I looked like my brother, she gave me a disgusted laugh and walked off. For a split second it affected me, it hurt quite a bit…did I really look like a boy? Crap! I needed to do something! I never ever thought about hiding my hair under weaves, wigs or hats. I don’t believe after the big chop you should succumb to those measures … be proud of your hair! I only thought about how I would ROCK IT.

I threw all of my accessories on the floor, and sat smack right in the middle of them. Figuring out what would work for me at this stage in my life and what wouldn’t. I have chopsticks, ponytail holders and other hair accessories that of course would be of no use to me at this point. So those were hidden from sight (except the chopsticks which I keep out for motivation). My earrings of course had to be carefully picked out and put up on display. My headbands were separated and put together. I wanted to make sure I saw my accessory collections everyday. I did not want to be bored with my look. So your hair is too short to do anything with it … POP the accessories!

In my opinion, accessories can change or update any outfit. A person can wear a black shirt and jeans and with the use of their accessories it can be switched up to a different look each time. Even though I was accessory obsessed before my big chop, in that I loved different shoes, belts, earrings, hats and so forth, I found myself gravitating more to my headbands and earrings to really rock my TWA. Makeup also plays an important role in my opinion. Not a lot of anything is needed, but just enough.

I’m a very funky feeling sort of girl … bright colors…odd shapes…very strange. So my accessories are like that. My sister is very conservative and it shows in her accessories. Each person is different you know? So do you.

I’m rambling and I am not quite sure what I’m going on about, lol, but the whole point is to use accessories to make yourself look feminine, cute, glamorous, chic. Use them to show your personality. You do not need your hair to feel feminine, or to rock a certain look.

Below are a couple pictures showing how I changed up my look using accessories alone … and two cases, I changed the lip color.

I did two videos on on my accessories collection. I wasn’t joking when I said I’m a bit obsessed with them.

**What do you do to jazz up your TWA?**