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Curly Nikki

On the Couch With HzlGrnExoticButterfly

By January 27th, 202112 Comments
Meet Ms. Exotic Beauty… after a relaxer disaster she found that rocking her natural hair makes her feel ‘unique, fly, sexy, beautiful, exotic and glamorous’!

On the Couch With HzlGrnExoticButterfly


I’m finally going to sit on the couch after stalking you for a year and a half. Lol; I’m so creepy. I’ve been completely natural since August 1, 2008 when I did my BC. My last relaxer was sometime in May 08′. Why the short transition? Check out my short relaxed hair style. Not much to hang on to; lol.

On the Couch With HzlGrnExoticButterfly
On the Couch With HzlGrnExoticButterfly My Journey I would say started the day I had my first relaxer after giving birth to my son August 7, 2007 (by the way congratulations soon to be mommy!). I don’t know if it was hormones or the fact I had washed my hair the day before I had the relaxer (which I had done before and this didn’t happen!) My hair immediately burned! I mean tears and all. It felt like hot fire pins in my scalp I bared through it though wanting my hair to be silky smooth. CRAZY GIRL! Afterward my entire scalp was scabbed with burns and the next day my scalp starting seeping, bleeding or pus I DON’T KNOW. All I know is my scalp would leak throughout the day and my hair was stuck to my scalp! Besides this chaos do you know my crazy butt got another relaxer in 6-8 weeks! This time same side effects and my hair fell OUT!!! When I say falling out I mean running my hands through my hair and big chunks of 8 to 12 inches of hair just coming out. Here’s the result of cutting off the parts that didn’t fall out. (3-4 months later when I decided to let go of my hair and get the short hair style above.)
On the Couch With HzlGrnExoticButterfly

Alas I loved my short hair cut…FLY! But to maintain this do equals frequent salon visits equals money; lol. Which I’ve never done. Even when my hair was long I only went to get a relaxer and my ends clipped every 8 to sometimes 14 weeks. I went to the salon twice for that Halle Berry hair cut and that was it! As I remember my wait in between visits to get the creamy crack I remember loving my new growth. It gave my thin, limp hair volume I could never achieve. Rollers sets and anything you can think of relaxed girls get just didn’t work for me.

Finally, after just wetting my hair and letting it do what it do for about two months, I went in the bathroom and just cut my hair off. DRAMATIC! Everybody was looking at me like I had a Brittney Spears moment; lol. But I was so liberated. I felt free! I got it touched up by the family barber whom I could slap for giving me a line up and taper! But it was all good. I did wash and gos for an entire year and two months. Finally I hennaed and did your famous Twist&Curl. I’ve been doing twist outs since! I’m about to start adding the rollers now that my hair is longer. I felt it was a little difficult with the shorter hair.

I co-wash with Herbal Essence Totally Twisted. Clarify with Giovanni Tea Tree and DT with Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose and Olive Oil. Sometimes both or alone or stretch some of the Aubrey with Lustrasilk Shea Butter or Olive Oil Cholesterol Plus. I leave in Deva Care One Condition and JessiCurl Too Shea if its really dry ( I wanted the weekly deep treatment but it wasn’t in stock; overall this stuff is kick ass, so can’t wait to try the other one). On frizzy parts as I twist, I slab on Oyin Shine and Define and seal my ends with shea butter. I want to experiment with the rest of Oyins line, Karens Body Beautiful, more Henna and Blended Beauty (I got samples when I BC’ed and loved it… but pricey stuff!)
Listen to this woman y’all! She was my inspiration to do the BC. I never really thought natural hair was sexy and glamorous and I stumbled upon her fotki on This site started about two months after I BC’ed and I’m so grateful that I’ve had this site for encouragement and strength to stay natural. Since I’ve been natural I feel so unique, fly, sexy, beautiful, exotic and glamorous. My best friend is transitioning and my sister did the BC two weeks ago. My hair has influenced my closest friends to go natural and I hope I influence more. Natural hair is the BOMB! Keep ya head up. Don’t listen to the haters and when in doubt come to this site! Love ya Nikki and thank yous a bunch for all the advice. I’m jocking all of the products and styles lol.
-BC August 1, 2008 (my baby’s first hair cut too!)
-Wash&Go January 23, 2009 (Co-wash Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Leave-In Cantu leave in repair cream)
-First Twist out May 5, 2009 (same regime above think Cantu too heavy/greasy for my twist outs)
-Failed flat iron lol awesome afro October 2009 (I’ll be trying again with mizani thermo smooth and my INSTYLER!)
-Finger combed Twist Out December 10, 2009 ( two months after henna; can see color in light; can’t remember products used)
-Twist Out after hair cut January 8, 2010 both shots and first pic. I couldn’t pick between them: goofy, sexy, afro goddess? lol ( clip those ends; Wash&Go’s gave me so many knots and breakage products used regime above)

On the Couch With HzlGrnExoticButterfly
On the Couch With HzlGrnExoticButterfly
On the Couch With HzlGrnExoticButterfly
On the Couch With HzlGrnExoticButterfly
On the Couch With HzlGrnExoticButterfly
On the Couch With HzlGrnExoticButterfly


  • Anonymous says:

    This is HzlGrnExoticButterfly. I didn't know how to use my name from the forum. Anonymous's Thank yous a bunch for all the great compliments. They were needed lol. My name is Jessica and my sister is named Maria! Who are ya stranger? Those perms are a mess! I love the Halle Berry look! I want to try a short hair cut sew in. Thank you redbone and Nanum! My hair is 3c/4a OS and it's silky right in the front and at the bottom of my head. The crown has a cotton texture; on the sides a mixure of: thready cotton, and silky texture lol and also between my crown and back of hair is like that. My hair strands are actually very thin which result with the normal problems I hear from similiar heads: tangles and knots ( if not contiually taken care of) and protein sensitive. Hope that helps Pam and thank you so much for the compliments everyone. I'm come from a narrow minded city (Dayton,OH) and most of the time they think it's a wig lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am in love with her head of thick and gorgeous curls!!!!!!!!! I want your hair!!!

  • Unknown says:

    Exact same thing happened to me about eight and a half years ago! First perm after the birth of my daughter, my hair broke out in sections. I had pieces that were 1/2 inch long, next to sections that were four inch long, next to sections that were ten inches long. In addition to the breakage, blisters, scabs, bleeding and more… It was a tragic mess.

    Love your hair now!

    Good luck.

  • Unknown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous says:

    I LOVE THE COLOR IN YOUR HAIR! The teture of your hair brings out the fullness!

  • Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous hair, girl!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Listen, the scabby, seepy, scalp aftermath of a relaxer was my story too regardless of how I prepared for the relaxer for years…how crazy! Oh, and the headaches stopped when I stopped relaxing two years ago… HELLO! Thanks for sharing your story. I love your hair, it's glam!

  • Anonymous says:

    Is your name Jessica or Maria?

    You look so familiar.

  • Namun says:

    Your afro is the cutest! Thanks for sharing your story.

  • modest-goddess says:

    your hair texture and story is very similar to mine
    I also went from long relaxed hair to short Halle Berry cut then natural because maintaining short relaxed hair was too expensive and time consuming. I think I made it 6 weeks and 3 salon visits before I gave up on the short relaxed hair and started exploring natural options

  • Pamela says:

    Your hair looks awesome! It looks like I have close to your hair type (I hope) cuz when I get up the nerve to BC, (I'm still transitioning 3 months in) that's how I want my hair to look! Love it ;)

  • Tiffany says:

    Her hair looks great. It's soooo thick.


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