Jacqui, an illustration major, recently did a piece about hair and societal pressures. She shared it with me… and I’m sharing it with you!
“Societal Standards” by Jacqueline D. Moranti

The point of my illustration was to show a conflict one might struggle with. I chose to make it about hair. I’ve been natural for about 14 months now, it’s a lengthy amount of time to get comfortable with the new ‘do but sometimes I find myself shying away from doing elaborate or wild styles because of what others will think of it. I wanted to capture that feeling in the piece by showing the female straightening her strands, it shows that she is submitting to society just to be accepted by any and everyone. Most naturals hang posters of other naturals or keep magazine clippings of beautiful curly, coily hair, but instead she chooses to believe that straight hair is the way to be.