As someone who has not had a relaxer since 2003, I transitioned from chronic flat-ironing to natural. I felt like a fish out of water without my ceramic blow dryer and flat iron. I needed to figure out everything from how to enhance my curl pattern to how to keep my curly ends healthy. Here are a few of the threads that have helped me:

Stylin’ and Profilin’ (For cute styles/tutorials)

Products (This thread has a description of nearly every hair product ever created! Head here before buying new products!)

Product Junkyism (If you spend more on hair products than food, this may help you save a bit!)

Skin Care (Most new naturals experience breakouts. These ladies have great suggestions to improve your skin regimen)

Recipe Swap (This is located under the Life topic. If you love food as much as you love your hair, head here…Like Now, Seriously!)

Enjoy Ladies,