Keish10 answered the call for ‘lazy’ styles… styles you can do when you don’t feel like starting over…styles that last!

When left with a twist-out that no longer hangs the way it used to, Keish10 pulls off a curly frohawk or updo like the ones below. Bobby pins are a natural gal’s bestfriend!

For an ultra chic and low maintenance protective style, she rocks the Motorcityroxie Cinna-bun!

I think this style rocks because it adds volume and umph to the typical bun… even making shorter haired curlies look like they have TONS more!

***To get the look, check out the following tutorials. After you watch, comment below on how you feel about the ‘N’ word…nappy. ***

Weigh in divas… is nappy a term of endearment, something we should embrace? Or do you feel offended when family and friends refer to your natural frock as nappy?