Deep Conditioning- Question of the Day

Deep Conditioning- Question of the Day
Hola Chicas,

I woke up at six this morning with a ton of energy! I cleaned the house, did a few loads of laundry, rinsed my henna, and applied my deep treatment and heating cap. While I stood in front of my foggy mirror loading up on conditioner, I was thinking two things, (1) does adding three conditioners to my hair really do any good, and (2) hurry, hurry, hurry and finish so you can eat, lol. I’m always hungry.

But yeah, whenever it’s time to DT, I can never decide on which conditioner I want to use, so I end up using several. Today, before getting out of the shower, I loaded up on Yes to Carrots and TIGI Moisture Maniac, and once out of the shower, added quite a bit of Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment. Are three conditioners doing more than what any one of them could do alone? Probably not… maybe so 🙂 I honestly wouldn’t know, because even when I plan to assess a particular product’s effectiveness on my hair, I lose my mind and feel the need to put everything but the kitchen sink in it.

So my questions to you are:

How many conditioners do you look to for an effective deep treatment? Which ones do you use? If you’ve ever switched it up (used one, or several), did you notice a difference in the results?