Tiana asks:

Hi CN Community,

I would like to know more about “grease” for our scalps. What, if anything, should we be using? I remember growing up and we used to grease out scalp religiously. Is that necessary for us naturals? Since I have been natural, I haven’t had any dandruff- -but I also have not put anything on my scalp either? I am at odds! Help!



Hola Chicas,

For the record, my mom religiously greased my scalp and hair with the mineral oil laden Isoplus or Ultrasheen. My hair grew like a weed…literally! Was it the heavy grease protecting my hair and lubricating the scalp, or the low manipulation (twice a month wash session and braided or twisted ponytails in between)? Either way, the routine worked 🙂

On the one hand, I’ve heard that oiling the scalp can cause buildup and inhibit growth, but on the other hand, I’ve heard that it provides nourishment and feeds the scalp to stimulate healthier growth. I guess to each his own…

So ladies, natural or transitioning, do you oil your scalp? If so, what do you use (i.e. shea, coconut oil, olive oil, etc.), and what benefits have you seen?

Later Gators,