Hola Chicas,

I thought I’d share a few more pics of my hair, because one, I owe you, and two, they motivate me! I’m now five months preggo and the little munchkin is rocking and rolling like a champ. She sleeps all day (from what I can tell), and keeps me up at night… hopefully that’s not a sign of things to come! The Riverdancer kicks coupled with my incessant hunger, has pretty much been the name of the game these past few weeks. My number one craving you ask? Cinnamon Crunch Bagels (bread cut and warm with tons and tons of cream cheese) from Paneras. When I’m not sleeping, I’m eating, and when I’m not eating, I’m sleeping. I still somehow manage to sneak in a walk, an article or two, and QT with the hubby here and there.

Anyway… I’m on my way out the door for my daily walk, but I wanted to share what I’ve done (or not done) to my hair in the past few days.

So, I’m sure you recall the Modified Princess Leia buns I created (and shared) on Sunday. After wearing them into Monday, I decided it was time for a change. So, I took the buns down–

and prepared for a braid-out. I made a side part (living on the wild side!), detangled gently, and made about 8 braids. I then squirted a bit of Deva Set it Free in my hands and rubbed a little into the length of each braid. I set the ends on the blue flexi rods, and called it a night.

In the morning, I had a tame, pretty flat, VERY defined braid out. By evening, after a day in the 90 degree weather, it looked like this–

Sleeping on it was not an option, so I plopped down with my mirror, banana clip, and a wide tooth comb (too lazy and tired to stand anymore) and prepared to re-braid for the evening. After my feeble attempts to detangle one section, I decided that I was NOT in the mood, and hopped in the shower instead.


Earlier yesterday, between therapy appointments, I made a (40 minute) pitstop at Ulta Salon and Beauty. Why oh why did I do this?! I was on the hunt for a new moisturizing conditioner to try… and I wanted to re-up my DevaCare One stash. I ended up spending 50 dollars! I bought a bottle of Say Yes to Carrots Conditioner, a bottle of DevaCare One, and a bottle of TIGI Moisture Maniac (a throwback).


So, I rinsed my hair, shampooed for the first time in a month or more, and loaded up the right half of my hair with TIGI, and the left side with Say Yes to Carrots. What a difference! The SYTC side was full of slip (a little sudsy?), soft, moisturized, and ready to be detangled within minutes. The TIGI side, while soft and moisturized, took many more applications before it became slippery. I’ll provide a full review in the coming days… but in the meantime, check out Say Yes to Carrots! It might be the new inductee in my rotation 🙂

I quickly detangled, hopped out of the shower, and pulled my hair into the laziest bun (secured with a satin scrunchy).
If you look closely, you can tell I’m still in the bed, and the imprint of my scarf is still very visible on my forehead, lol! So, all of this to say, I’m back in a bun… and probably will be until my little diva makes her appearance in August. I just ain’t got the strenf… or the patience!

Alrighty chicas, I need to boogie… I’ll catch ya later!