Velvet writes:

Hi Nikki!

First off, I LOOOOVE your blog. Really a great resource for those of us who have no idea what we are doing when it comes to our hair. 🙂
I was hoping that the CurlyNikki community could help me out! I’ve been completely natural (no heat) for about 4 months now. I haven’t permed for 5 years (since I graduated college in ’05), but have flip flopped from press and curl to braids during the transition phase.
I have figured that my hair is generally 4b, but there are random patches of 3c and 4a here and there, which is SUPER annoying when it comes to styling. Not to mention, since I got a bad weave 2 years ago, the hair in the middle of my head is 4″-6″ shorter than the rest of my head. Talk about frustrating.
I had a few questions for my 4b sistas:
1) what products do you use for an efficient twist/braidout?
2) what gel do you use (if any) to lay your edges down?
3) what is a great signature style for a 4b with shoulder length hair and excessive frizz?
Please help me! I want length, but I’m really close to cutting it all off and starting over.
p.s. I attached a few pictures of Badu (my hair). 🙂