Hola Chicas!

I’ve noticed (and shared on multiple occasions) that my hair fares better when it is dried in a stretched out state (twists, braids, or bantu knots). It prevents tangles, helps me to retain moisture, and reduces splits and single strand knots. Also, as long as I don’t play in the resulting braid or twist out too much, the next detangling session is much less daunting.

When I was a Wash&Go girl, I had a ridiculous amount of mats, knots, and splits. My hair felt drier and the moisture (from wash day) only lasted a day or so. During this phase in my natural journey, my hair never grew past my shoulders.

I’ve seen many a fotki where the chica grew her hair from TWA to mid back length by Wash&Go’ing daily! On the other hand, I’ve seen many naturals that swear by stretched styles.

So which are you? A Wash&Go’er or a Stretcher, and what has your experience been with each?