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Curly Nikki

Natural Hair– Length Dreams

By January 27th, 202177 Comments

Natural Hair-- Length Dreams

At what length will you be content?

If I was asked this question three years ago, my response would’ve gone something like this- – ‘as long as possible! down to my butt!’ Since then, I’ve learned that when my hair gets past BSL (bra strap length), things get a bit tricky– detangling becomes a pain and maintenance , a headache. Also, my hair takes on a weird shape, and looks thin, flat, and lifeless. I feel that a chin length bob suits my face and personality very well… and for that, I need to maintain curls that fall between APL (arm pit length) and BSL stretched.

What about you? Do you want hair to your toes, or does a TWA rock your boat?


  • Tamara says:

    bsl. that's my goal

  • Anonymous says:

    Im not too far from tailbone length. Thats the goal i set recently.And healthy! Lol

    YouTube – theonlydzire

  • Syd says:

    I have wanted super long hair ever since Alanis Morisette's "Thank You" video. I decided to wear my 4a hair in it's natural state (vs. blow drying and flat ironing) in the hope of getting past a hair plateau that I would always reach. I would reach mid back and then progress would stop. The heat styling was the problem. So far so good! I cut off about 2 1/2 inches of damaged split ends last summer and have already regained the length. My longest layer is bra strap length and I'm hoping for waist length by next year. Health is very important and I definitely believe that that should come first but I'd be lying if I said that the thought of sitting on my hair didn't thrill me to pieces.

  • Anonymous says:

    naturalhair429 said…..
    I am 4A and My hair shrinkage is ridculous….and nerve wrecking. I would love to have WL hair because it would shrink to SL when unstretched which is 99.9% of the time. It absolutely has to be healthy though :-)

  • mina says:

    I would love bsl hair its currently stretched at my shoulders

  • Anonymous says:

    I would love if i get could get my natural hair maybe with a twist out or anything to bee armpit
    length.. That's my goal. :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I'd like to get to BSL unstretched, which is how long my hair was when I was a little girl w/ a relaxer. I'd love for my hair to be healthy and natural at this length. :)

  • Kanisha says:

    I'm starting to hate this TWA :/ Can't even lie.
    To each his own!!

    And also, I'm not like OBSESSED with long, natural hair. lol. I'm trying to enjoy my hair at every length! But I've never had super long hair before- it's never been past my shoulder I don't believe! So it'll be a WELCOMED change for me! :D

  • Anonymous says:

    i would love my hair to reach waist length and that will be enough for me….


  • BuenaventuraAvenue says:

    When my hair was straight I wanted BSL but that doesn't really mean much with kinky shrinky hair. I want 2 specific things now:

    I want for the hair on the sides in front of my ears to touch my collarbone on the first day of a braidout. By doing a little algebra, I estimate that my hair would have to be 20 inches or WL.

    I want a Rudy Huxtable puff where my ponytail is as big as my head.

  • ShanSoPink says:

    As long as possible! past the butt! lol my opinion will probably change somewhere between midback and waist lenght

  • Eleven35 Bath & Beauty says:

    My hair has not been passed chin length since I was in the 4th grade, I'm 31 yrs old. I would LOVE for my hair to reach SL un-stretched. I am going into my 1st true year of being natural (last year I did the whole transition phase so I don't count that) with 4 inches of hair. So I figure at least by my 2nd anniversary, January 2011, I'll at least be pass my chin.

  • B.Stone says:

    No longer than waist length straight, I think. When I was relaxed, I was just a couple inches short of BSL and struggling to get to get there. Now, curly, I just want my hair to be BIG, but long at the same time. I want my hair to be a mane, a pennant of my pride. In a way, it is already. I also like the look of long, mostly straight black hair, so I will flat iron occasionally. We'll see how long it gets before the maintenance kills me!

  • Daisley.girl says:

    I am current MBL but I want to reach waist length just 5 more inches.

  • erika says:

    eu quero apenas descobrir até onde meu cabelo pode chegar…

  • Chelsea Elise says:

    My hair's healthy now which makes me really happy, but I would love semi-stretched BSL. Right now stretched its at APL so I have a ways to go : ) but I'm having fun.

  • Anonymous says:

    Right now my hair is a little above the shoulders dry. I want my hair my hair bsl dry at least.

  • He's faithful says:

    I never really set a goal or anything but mid-back unstretched would be fantastic.

  • Maria says:

    You know I hate scissors Nikki so I will vote for as long as it wants to grow!
    My hair is touching WSL stretched, but I want it to be at least a minimum of APL curly before I stop obsessing over length.

  • QuietButterfly says:

    Like many natural ladies, I also have extreme shrinkage, so I would have to say maybe BSL when its straight would give me a nice collarbone or shoulder length do when natural. My hair also seems to be growing out instead of down as well, but I just want it to keep growing!!

  • Anonymous says:

    My answer is "as long as possible". My hair shrinkles a lot, something like 2/3 of its lenght. Anyway, I don't think I'll have the patience to wait it to reach down my butts (I'm over 30's).

  • Anonymous says:

    well, i know for sure that i don't want the length in the abouve photo. mid back would be good for me.

  • Anonymous says:

    right now am still hoping for as long as possible cause my hair is still short..its a little bit below neck length stretched

  • mood_indigo says:

    I just want it to get to a point where it grows down instead of out! My stretched/straightened hair reached my shoulders but when it is in all its curly glory that junk barely comes to my neck in the back. The front is a whole 'nother story…LOL! Plus I have 3 different textures so it never hangs the same all around. I love it though!

  • predestined09 says:

    Collarbone length will do me just fine that fits my face perfectly doing my daughter hair who is mid back length unstretched makes me say im str8 and she only 5 whew!!

  • CocoDreamee says:

    My length goal is APL or SL when my hair is tightly coiled. I would love to do a wash and go that sits on my shoulders, frames my face. I don't use at all at the moment but for me to have curly hair at APL or SL my stretched hair would probably be way past my bra strap, so heat styling would become a set in stone NEVER. That would be a crap ton of work, lol.
    I'm finally learning the whole less is more thing that so many before me have preached. I have also become a strict DC EVERY week,detangle EVERY week, moisturize EVERY night, and lately I have been wearing my hair stretched a lot more. It really cuts down on SSK's.

  • Brown_Cuty says:

    Right now I am just aiming and working towards BSL hair (stretched), because that will be longer than my hair has ever been. My long-term goal is MBL (stretched). I'm tall and my hair is VERY VERY thick, I don't think I'd be able to handle anymore than that. I've heard that people change their mind once they've reached one goal but I can't really see myself being comfortable with waist-length hair it just seems like too much for me.
    BTW I only have a TWA right now, so I've got a long way to go :)

  • coilyheadchick says:

    I just cut my BSL to SL and it's easier to manage to me. So my only goal is maintain VERY HEALTHY SL hair.

  • Jae Manolo says:

    I want waist length hair =)

  • Anonymous says:

    i want MBL to WL unstretched, i know that will be easily attained, it just a matter o being patient!!

  • Terra D says:

    Well, right now I am officially APL stretched. Unstretched that is chin length for me. So I'm assuming that stretched BSL/MBL will be a little past shoulder length unstretched.

    I cannot wait to have twists that hang past my shoulders. I wouldn't even care how scalpy and non-juicy they are LOL. (My twists are pitiful!)

  • Milan says:

    Funny, my friend and I started a challenge: we've given ourselves 2 years to reach waist length. She has locs so for me it would be stretched.

    I would really be content with SL to APL length kurls though. I'm just growing my hair to waist length to show myself that I can (I've never had hair that long before), once I reach it, I'll prob cut it back to BSL when stretched.

  • Aritul says:

    BSL stretched or unstretched, but I would be content with APL unstretched. I know my hair can make it.

  • Ernessa from 32 Candles says:

    I had dreads almost to my butt before I got a TWA, and they had become a HUGE hassle by the end. I don't ever want to go long again. But I would be happy to have mine be brastrap length.

  • Anonymous says:

    i would want apl unstretched and wl stretched. i want not only long but thick hair too.

  • Unknown says:

    I'm not really picky about the length moreso the styling options that come along with length. I REALLY want my twists/braids to be shoulder length like Chime's or this lady

    I think I need to be about APL to reach that point, so thats what I'm shooting for

  • Anonymous says:

    I am with you girl….i am currently in between bsl and mbl..I want to be full WL when my hair is straight and full headed apl when natural…….i am almost at WL…always loved long hair, my mom and sister are both wl, hopefully i will be joining them soon!

  • Lynnieluve says:

    My hair has never been longer than SL when I was relaxed (it would start to break off) so I would love to see if it will grow to APL or BSL.

  • Anonymous says:

    i want to be really long but health comes first. past my shoulders :)

  • modest-goddess says:

    My goal is 5 inches of unstretched hair so about 12 inches stretched. I'm at 10 inches now and I finally can do a cute afro puff.

  • Earth Angel says:

    My hair has never been longer than shoulder length or just below. I wore it short for years and grew it back with gentle relaxers and wraps. My "natural" has been texturized since. I am curious to see if it will grow longer now that I am not texturizing. Just curious. If it never grows any longer than this, I'm good. I'm actually looking forward to it shrinking as the roots grow out more. My hair might be longer, but look shorter, which will be great for summer!

  • Notthecoolmom says:

    I don't really think about length, versus BIGness
    I want a fro that's bigger than my head, blocking the movie screen.I want people to see my fro from down the street. Can anyone tell me what "length" that will be??? I really don't care as long as it is healthy and big.

  • Anonymous says:

    Honestly, I really like my hair short lol – but I've recently made the decision to begin the journey as a relaxed to natural transitioner. I REALLY like the braid/twist out style, so getting the right length to wear that style is fine with me!

  • drambo says:

    I am so sick of my TWA so I am hoping for BSL stretched. Right now its at my ears. Not fun.

  • Anonymous says:

    Before doing the big chop, I would have said APL. I am kind of digging my TWA, I am just loving it as it grows. I do love some big hair though..LOL

  • Unknown says:

    I had just reccently cut my hair. The ends were so split that I bet a cheerleader would have been hatin'! I cut off two inches and now its at SL.(When I blow dryed it in Jan it was passed SL and close to BSL) I do want long hair cause I mostly keep it in twist(And I LOVE big hair) but I care more about health than ANYTHING now thanks to this site.

  • Curl-A-Licious says:

    I prefer to have long hair like mid back un streached. Love it to death!

  • FrouLaLa says:

    SL unstretched, BSL stretched!

  • Anonymous says:

    I am more concerned with the "bigness" of my hair. However long it has to be to give me the "bigness" is fine.

  • Lori says:

    When I started this journey a year ago, I was thinking I wanted my hair to grow down to my toes. I'm more realistic now. First goal is healthy hair, but I do want some length. I'm just waiting to see what will be appropriate for me, for my age, face shape, body size, etc. I do know that a TWA is not going to satisfy me much longer. I want to be able to have more variety in my styling options.

  • Anonymous says:

    wow APL unstretched would be crazy. But my hair is BSL stretched and no matter what length its been it always shrinks to slightly touch the top of my shoulders or mid neck and the rest shapes my face (twist/braid out styles). But the longer it gets the denser the shrinkage and wider it gets. So i say…. in terms of length i want it wide/big enuff so i cant see out of my rear view mirror lol. When it was ALL 12 inches it did that, but since its varied 8-12 now it doesnt. So im tryin to get bak to at least 12inches all round. Past BSL length my hair just sheds more.

  • Muz says:

    I refuse to let it go past BSL length stretched, I'm not going to want to deal with hair that long. LOL, and that will still be pretty long for me since I can see I'm going to have ridiculous shrinkage.

  • Aishah says:

    I would love love love BSL hair! My hair is a little longer than SL when stretched. And I know anything longer than BSL would be absolutely UNRULY for me! Somedays washing my SL hair is a chore so I couldn't imagine trying to wash waist length hair.

  • Lina40 says:

    i would love to be bsl stretched – my hair twin and inspiration mwedzi is past bsl and can still wear a shrunken afro, and shoulder length twists — I would love that. Right now I am just barely apl stretched, so I think I will reach bsl by the end of 2010.

  • Aishah says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous says:

    I do have a goal of going past shoulder length however, I want to keep my hair healthy so it can get that long. And even if it does not reach my goal, I'll still be happy as long as it is healthy.

  • Anonymous says:

    Single strand knot

  • Anonymous says:

    SSK means single strand knots. Farie knots, pixie knots, you know – those little annoying knots that are formed when the end of the hair curls back upon itself and ties a perfect little annoying knot at the end of the strand…

  • LaToya says:

    A nice healthy SL is all I want!

  • Anonymous says:

    i would love to have hair that is armpit length unstretched. it seems to me that APL hair would be ideal for me cuz i could do buns,ponytails, twists that dont take 40 minutes, and of course just wear it out wild and free

    PS what does SSK mean?

  • Anonymous says:

    I just want my curls to hit my shoulders or just below. i don't care for really long hair

  • Unknown says:

    I just want my hair to grow to its full potential. i love when kelis and now leela james hair is that length all fro'd out.

  • Jad928 says:

    I would love APL unstretched hair. I dont know what that would equate to streched becuase of shrinkage. But my stretched goal would be waist length just to say I did it but would probably keep it mid back length

  • Mahogany Soul says:

    a little past SL unstretched and MBL stretched is my goal. so far the longer my natural hair has gotten (currently in between SL and APL) the easier it has been to manage. i need fewer twists for a nice twist out (because the hair "hangs" better) and i can throw it in a bun when i don't feel like doing anything else.

  • Anonymous says:

    Definitely want a collar legnth bob…with the longest part hitting my collarbone. I've always loved short funky hair do's….BSL is 2 much. I have 3 curly haird daughters under the age of 8 I'd be doing hair everyday for the next 12 years….Bwoy STOP!!!

  • The Melanista says:

    I'll be content with APL length hair (unstretched) as long as it's healthy, full, and luscious! I think BSL will limit my styling options.

  • KayC, The Quiet Storm says:

    A few years ago my answer would've been different as well. Now, my current length is good but I have no idea how long it is when stretched. It seems to always shrink up to shoulder length by day three, LOL!

    I think it is BSL but should do a length check soon. Maybe I'll send a spotlight update when I do?

  • luvinlife225 says:

    Hmmmmmmm.. I'd love unstretched APL hair.. That would be sooo nice.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm 4b and challenged with SSK, dryness, and extreme shrinkage. I'm like Diogenes of old Athens – walking about with a lantern looking for an honest "hair product" LOL! I would love to have APL, but without the straight scoop on what will truly moisturize and protect my hair type, I fear I'll never get there…

  • Anonymous says:

    I would be thrilled to have SL unstretched and BSL stretched. I Just luv the look of a thick head of curly hair resting on the shoulders. ahhhhhh.

  • Anonymous says:

    For now I just want to see how long my hair can get and then I can decide if i want to grow it to midback or leave it at bsl… we'll see

  • Unknown says:

    I think I'm still at the whole "ass along as possible " phase. but i would love shoulder length semi-stretched (like after a twist out).

  • Anonymous says:

    My major goal is BSL but I'd be fine with SL or APL when not stretched. It really doesn't matter as long as my hair is healthy…

  • Anonymous says:

    I think my dream length would be hair that is BSL (fully stretched), but right now I'm one month natural and rocking a TWA so who knows… maybe I'll discover my desired length as my hair grows like Nikki did. But I will say this (and I can't believe I am saying it), I am quite content with a TWA but I'm gonna let my hair grow and see where it takes me!

  • aubin says:

    I like the idea of having BSL or longer hair but from past experience I already know that the best look for me is somewhere between chin length and shoulder length so that's what I'm aiming for. My hair is chin length stretched right now so I think I have about another year of growth to reach chin length unstretched.

  • Humbly Beautiful says:

    I wany my hair BSL…maybe a little londer as it looks and is healthy. I do have a goal of donating my hair for Locks for Love, but I always cut in stages or get color. This time I think I will be able to donated. I think I use to say to my butt, but then styling becomes more complicated and I think you can't do as much.

  • Anonymous says:

    To whatever length my hair wants to grow. As long as it is healthy.

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