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Curly Nikki

Natural Hair Snapshot

By January 27th, 20217 Comments
Because I thought she looked fierce…
Natural Hair Snapshot
This is one of my besties at the range… guess who?!

It’s QUEEN! Her hair is growing like a weed and she definitely owes us an update, hint hint 😉


  • Anonymous says:

    I agree she looks sharp taking out that target. But what I love the most is her hair. The last picture I saw of her hair, I wanted to find out her routine but couldn't find anything so I hope she will share in the near future. Love your curly fro. Waaaay Cute.
    Allnatural1 (Michelle in TX)

  • Anonymous says:

    Look the do! The gun is sweet too. Heading to the range this weekend. I feel bada*s with my big fro and big weapon. Girl power!!!

  • Sista Curl says:

    This makes me think of Pam Grier in "Foxy Brown." She nabbed the bad buys by hiding her gun in her afro!

  • KeetaRay says:

    Love it!

  • Lorri says:

    I love it. so fierce. I wouldn't want to be in her way.

  • Notthecoolmom says:

    Okay I want a photo just like that and put it on my daughter's shirt when she's a teenager.

  • Queen says:

    Whoa…my hair does look big. Never get to see it from this view. Anyway, I got the hint missy (wink). It's coming it's coming.


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