This gorgeous curly has BC’ed 3 times! Check out her tips for new naturals:

CN:How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for almost six years!!! I know its crazy b/c when you look at the length of my hair it obviously does not seem so, that is because I have BC’ed (big chopped) THREE TIMES! (haha) I laugh every time I think about it. The first time I BC’ed was Dec 04′ and the last time was Jan 07′. The first time I BC’ed I was quite embarrassed by natural hair and did not feel very attractive so I just relaxed again. When I did relax I did not feel like I was being true to myself so I BC’ed again. The second time I BC’ed I had this false idea that natural hair was “resilient and tough”, it could withstand anything, so I dyed my hair three or four times and finally I texlaxed. The texlax of course ruined what little healthy hair I had and BC’ed again. I wore my hair in a very short caesar like curly cut for a couple of months just to prove to myself that I was beautiful with or without hair and finally began growing it out in Jan 07′.
There, you have my WHOLE hair history, haha!

CN: What is your current regimen?
Well believe it or not, I do not think I have a solid regimen. I try to listen to what my hair needs at that moment.
The closest to a regimen I can give is that I first detangle with a Concair professional brush, then I wash (shampoo mixed w/ conditioner) in about 8-12 big twists every two weeks or when necessary, and finally deep condition. I usually braid my hair in about 15 braids just to stretch it and from there decide what style I will do.

CN: How do you maintain length? Moisture?
Simply said, I keep my hair in protective styles 85% of the time. I know most naturals hate hearing this because twists and braids do not seem as sexy or glamorous but this is the best way to maintain length and moisture. I like what kimmaytube said in response to a question several youtubers asked “How can I have “cute styles” all the time AND grow my hair longer?” Kimmay responded with this ” I do not need my hair to be glamorous all the time because I do not see my hair as being the only thing that I have going for me, so my hair does not have to be glamorous. I can be glamorous in the way of my dressing. There are so many ways to be glamorous and feminine.”

CN: How do you protect your curls at night?
I cover my hair with bonnet.

CN: What would you tell a new natural, or transitioning diva?
It is more than just a trend. Make sure you are doing this for the right reasons because if not, it’s just a waste of your time and believe me, money. Be in it for the long haul. I always tell new naturals that if they can get through their first year natural, they will be ok. The first year in my opinion is the roughest year to go through as a new natural. You are trying to accept your texture, looking for products that will work with your hair, dealing with short hair and limited styling options as well as unsupportive family and friends. Please look for support because you are going to need it. Join a forum, look for youtubbers and bloggers with you hair texture and soak in as much knowledge and encouragement you can get.

CN: What’s the best thing about being naturally glamorous?
Natural hair is so versatile, I love it! Also there is no other racial group with hair quite like ours. This is truly a gift that should be nurtured, appreciated, and held in high esteem.

CN: Anything else you want to add?
– Make patience your best friend b/c you will definitely need it on this journey.
– Do not compare your hair with anyone else’s