Hola Chicas!

Thought I’d check in. I wore my first semi-maternity shirt today! It was actually just an over-sized tunic style shirt from H&M (OMG, we’ve finally got a H&M in Raleigh!!!!), but yeah, I felt more pregnant than usual.

I’m five and a half months now, and the little munchkin is making her presence known:

1. Body parts down below are slowly disappearing under my belly (I trust that they’re all still there)…making shaving my nether regions more and more of a challenge. TMI? Sorry 🙂

2. Yesterday, after my usual 3 mile walk, I immediately proceeded to drive to Ihop to handle a strawberry pancake hankering I’ve been battling. I ordered the combo to go (complete with bacon, sausage, hash browns, and eggs). Not too bad right? Well, on the short journey back home, I decided to drop by Subway too, so that I knew lunch was covered as well (plus I was craving a sub the day before)!

3. It used to be impossible for me to eat a 6 inch sub in one sitting. Today for lunch, after polishing off my entire sub and a bag of chips, I was truly sad that I hadn’t bought that damned oatmeal cookie that was staring at me. The hunger is ravenous. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced!

4. I go to bed every night around 10pm (sometimes much earlier), and wake up every morning at 2, 5, and 7 to relieve my bladder. Really? That sucks.

5. I’m producing the most unladylike like burps you could ever imagine! I try to hold them in (which used to be an easy task), but there’s no room.

The ‘Falling In and Out of Love’ post from today was sparked by my recent thoughts on my hair. I was really feeling my TnC last week– it was full, had a cute shape, and lasted for days. I decided to put it back into the Princess Leia buns last night, and for some reason, I hated them! It looked silly, lol. So, I’m back to a high bun I suppose.

Later Gators!