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Curly Nikki

Transitioning Hair Style Ideas

By January 27th, 202113 Comments

Tmochava writes:

I have been transitioning for 10 months and I plan on being a long term transitioner, shooting for 24 months. I have recently decided to stop slicking my hair back into the same small bun, and actually do something with my hair. I’d love to share some of the hair tutorials I have posted on youtube with I know transitioners, especially new transitioners, need some insight on what kind of hairstyles they can do and I would love to provide some inspiration.

Curly Fro

Pompadour Updo

Do you have some chic transitioning styles you’d like to share?! Email the pictorial or vid embed code to


  • Brenale says:

    love the curly fro!

  • Alexandra Pammomo says:

    I'm just wondering… what are those things she puts on the ends of her hair that look like paper? Do you need those to do this style or is it an ptional tool?

  • Anonymous says:

    I've been interested in going natural. Only issue is not sure what hair care products will work. I couldn't really see what products were used for this one. But these styles definitely were helpful.

  • Kellye says:

    That should say "after" seeing….sorry, that's what happens when you goof off at work!

  • Kellye says:

    I am a little over 10 months from my last relaxer. I seeing your videos a few months ago, these are my two main (read: only) styles. I'm not much of a stylist when it comes to my hair, so these two of saved me from the creamy crack relapse. I get goo-gobs of compliments when I wear the curly fro. My bi-racial nephew and I are now hair twinkies and "boing" each other's curls!


  • Anonymous says:

    i'm very intrested in going the natural route. these videos are helping alot.

  • Pinkrage says:

    Great videos…do your thing girl.

  • Tmochava says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful comments!

  • diamondcurls says:

    Hey Lady!! I see you! I love the videos. Now I am going to have to subscribe to your channel. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Girl you are mucho creative. I love how you work your hair. Thanks for the ideas! Keep 'em coming please!!!

  • Ings says:

    I am also 10 months post and have an event to attend tomorrow. That updo will be perfect !
    I can buy a little flower in the morning too !

  • Anonymous says:

    how perfect! i just recommended this site to two new transitioners 🙂

    @kenya, if you click on her name at the beginning, Tmochava, it takes you to her youtube site.

  • Kenya says:

    i cant see the videos .. could you post her youtube name ?

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