Hola Chicas!

Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to the naturally curly divas of UNC Chapel Hill. The group, S.T.R.A.N.D.S. — Students Transitioning, Relaxed and Naturals Developing Self-Awareness, was started by Laura Harker and four other students. They are currently working on their ‘official status’ and plan to join the ranks of UNC’s Student Organizations in the fall. Yesterday, we had trivia (with tons of giveaways from my closet), I shared my hair story, and answered lots of interesting questions. The ladies were gorgeous– all hair textures and lengths were represented… there was even a curly baby! It was truly a refreshing experience being surrounded by a group of such young, educated, and motivated curlies. The support group plans to meet monthly and discuss self-maintenance, products, styling, transitioning, and self-esteem/body image. Thanks for letting me be apart!

The Lovely Exec Board

Lots and lots of curly heads!

One of the curlies, Jamila Reddy, launched a blog and has become the natural guru on campus! Check it out when you get a moment– collegecurlies.blogspot.com. Her friend Reid (hi Reid!) shared, ‘she would haaaaate me for bragging on her, but she puts a TON of energy into it, and it really has become a sort-of beacon for the natural girls of UNC. Mila has become the campus authority!’
So if you’re a college student, no matter the campus, maybe Jamila can help you maintain your fly while keeping frugal!

From the outside looking in, it appears that the naturals are running campus? Y’all make me so proud *tear*!
My hair yesterday–

A two day old Twist-n-Curl. I used DevaCare One and Devacurl Set it Free to style (old faithfuls!). I set the ends on flexirods for extra bounce. At night, I’ve been sleeping with it out. I’m on day 3 now!!!