NikG of BeadsBraidsBeyond dishes on ways to keep baby girl’s natural hair healthy and beautiful, without pulling yours out!

I decided to do a test run style on A. I’m still not sure what I’m doing to her hair for Easter (April 4th) but I’ll figure something out. It might even be this style. This turned out to be a pretty updo. Perfect for special occasions, holidays, or whenever your little girl wants to feel like a princess!

For this style you will need: Setting lotion (or something with good hold), Curlformers (or other curlers), bobbypins, rubberbands/elastics, moisturizer, oil to soak rubberbands/elastics in.

I started off with stretched hair from banding. I applied some Giovanni Direct leave-in and coconut oil and detangled her hair. After detangling I parted a circle around her head, parting out between 1-2 inches of hair.

I added a generous amount of coconut oil on the hair that was left out. I then made a side part on her right side and began putting in the rubberbands. I didn’t part as much hair out on the sides, so I only needed to use one rubberband for that, as I went back I split the section into two and used two rubberbands, then criss crossed each section to the back section and tied it off with my next section. I hope that makes sense.

She had more hair parted in the back, so it became a little difficult to go all around her head because her hair is thick. So what I did was I stopped right behind her left ear and tied the hair off. I then started a totally new section right by her left ear until I had no more hair.

For the hair that was left out of the rubberbands at the end, I put them in Curlformers and I put the rest of her hair in a ponytail (using a setting lotion) and added Curlformers to that as well. If you do not have Curlformers, you can use a different curler. Or for other options you can leave the middle out and natural, you can do the Princess Tiana Bun, you can do a twist out, etc.
About 2 hours later I took the Curlformers out and took each section of hair, flipped it under, and randomly placed bobbypins to hold the hair down. We put on one of her old Easter dresses and she felt like a princess! She went and got her white gloves and pranced around the house the rest of the day.

The results: