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Curly Nikki

Do You Henna?

By January 27th, 202181 Comments

Do You Henna?
If so–

-Describe your hair type (4abc/3abc or wavy, coily, fine, coarse, etc.)

-Share your results (de-frizzing, curl loosening, curl defining, color, thickness, etc.)

If not–

-What’s the biggest deterrent?

**For my results and more info about henna, click HERE.


  • Anonymous says:

    I have 4a hair and I use nupur henna for over 2 years now and I LOVE IT! It softens my curls making them silkier and more manageable. Because it has amla powder in it, it doesn't make a noticeable change in my curl pattern. This is great since I'm able to use it as often as I want. If I want curl loosening, I use jamila on my roots only.

  • CurlyZaki says:

    I have no idea how I didn't come across this part of CurlyNikki sooner…I'm on here just about every day.
    I've never had the time to try hennaing my hair, but from these comments, I might have to make some. I have 4a/b hair that is more wavy than curly at the roots. I don't think I would mind the color or the smell.
    Where should I buy Jamila? At a store or just an online retailer like Amazon?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Ladies, my hair is so course that before i decided to go natural my cousins and friends would refuse to braid my hair because according to them 'it burnt their fingers' my cousin had to come up with this vaseline idea so she could dip a little in her fingers to slide off the friction!

    Anyway, as much as i love my hair in it's natural state, i would love to loosen the curls just a bit, maybe 4a..ish. I had my first henna last week and i felt a bit of defiinition for the first 2 days but now my hair is hard as hell! Like i can't comb, cant style, cant braid down/protective style! HELP girls..

  • pammie says:

    i've done hennas since i was about 13, and more recently i have used the LUSH brands..just today, i proclaimed it Red Friday and did a Rajasthani Twilight henna with a couple of tea bags-left it on for about 8 hours and my hair has Never been this soft after a henna! the greys, which are now red, are soooo cute! i Love this brand and am now about to buy Out!
    henna 4ever!

  • Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to add a short note in here. I've read from quite a few sites that ladies who want the conditioning benefits of henna but don't want their curls loosened should mix some alma powder in with the henna powder before applying it to their hair. HTH!

  • everythingiric says:

    I've done it once.

    Here are the links to my story:

    Part I:

    Part II:

  • Jasminn says:

    I henna'ed for the first time today. I used a Jamila henna from I mixed 100g with lemon juice and lemon tea. I let it sit overnight. Before applying I shampooed and detangled my hair. I also added a little Suave coconut conitioner, cinnamon (to help combat the smell) and some oil. I applied it to my hair, wrapped in saran wrap and two plastic caps. I allowed it to sit for nearly 5 hours. It took quite a bit of rinsing. I also cowashed it with the same coconut conditioner twice. I deep conditioned and rinsed again til my water was nearly clear. My dry scalp spots were no longer dry. Usually even after washing/deep conditioning I can still see the dry spots. Now they are gone. I could also see the reddish tint in my hair when I turned on my heat lamp. My curls are actually even more defined than usual. So far I am a fan!! The smell of henna is not that good at all, it actually reminds me of jar baby food (the green kind) The plastic caps kept the smell away but when I moved the cap I could smell it. The smell is slightly still in my hair but no where near as intense as the mix smelled.

    My fotki has pics and more info:

  • Anonymous says:

    I actually have henna in right now : )
    I use it after washing my hair, sleep with it overnight and wash it out in the morning. I've only done it once before this but the effect was so great I had to do it again. My hair is coarse, I have tight afro curls, and it made my hair that is usually difficult to detangle (there have been tears) much easier to manage. I got a bit of reddish tint in some parts of my hair, but not much. I mix it with avocado and olive oil, sometimes with tea instead of water, as was recommended to me by a neighbor who has been using it on her hair and her daughters' hair for years. It makes my hair so much softer and a lot less hair comes out when I comb it, if any at all.

  • Niah says:

    I am a 4b/c if there is a such thing as 4c [basically my hair is tight springy coils]. I shaved my hair off in March 2011 and now my hair is a nice TWA. I have henna'd twice thus far and i have mixed feelings about it.
    The good is that my hair feels super soft, but i can't say its softer than my natural hair was before. my hair has always been cotton candy soft but frizzy because i have straight strands of hair that grows through.
    The bad is, my hair is naturally dark brown and the henna has slightly changed it to aurburn which makes it look ashy brown to me. i knew i was taking a chance of it turning that color but i dont like it on me. also, my tight springy coils are gone. the henna has significantly changed my hair type. on the crown of my head, my curls are now 4a. although thats not a horrible thing, i do miss my coils. Last but not least, it did not manage my frizz. My hair is still very frizzy.
    I tried the henna while my hair is short because i wanted to see how it would take to my hair. i can easily cut my hair off again and start fresh. However, no love lost for henna, just may not be for me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I've been doing henna gloss whilst wearing extension braids for about 2-3 months now. My hair is 4b. My curl pattern has definately loosened, my hair has softened and I'm sure the hair is thicker/stronger. My hair, especially the new growth is a beautiful auburn, my natural hair colour was a washed out brown before.

  • Dorian @ Big Apple Style says:

    I love henna! I have just below collarbone length 3c/4a/4b hair with fine/medium strands. Normally I use Jamila but in a pinch I'm not against Hesh Mehandi or Three Rivers. I love it because it gave me an awesome burghundy tint, did soften/release my 4b root curls. But I also noticed that it helped to fix my dry scalp issue. I didn't have official dandruff, but it used to be that I would get a little bit of flakes – specifically in the crown area. Now my scalp almost never itches and I haven't seen flakes since I started with the henna (about 2 months ago).

    Normally I do the quick release henna recipe. 2 cups of warmed green tea, 200g of henna powder, a splash of the following: pure lemon juice, amla oil, almond oil, pure almond extract (for the smell – the henna smell isn't a repellant but it's not the best smell in the world either) and EVOO. Mix to a thick pudding consistency.

    I actually only keep it in for 3 hours and just rely on body heat. I saran wrap and then double shower cap it. Originally when I first started I did it 2 times a week. Now I'm doing it once a week and by July I'll just be doing it once a month. I love the henna results but it is time consuming!

  • mangomadness says:

    I have collarbone length 4a/4b hair with fine/medium strands.

  • mangomadness says:

    I love henna! Henna gives my hair a wonderful burgundy tint and dare I say…”thickens” up my fine strands.

    I use Dulhan Deluxe Mehendi Henna ($2.99 for 100 g at Indian grocery store) for my henna treatments. I will try Jamila henna in the future.

    My fave mix is 100 g henna, coconut milk and honey. I put the henna in a bowl, add enough coconut milk to get a thick pudding-like consistency and add a healthy squirt of honey. I let it sit until the dye releases. I detangle and shampoo before henna-ing. I apply the henna and let it sit for 2 hrs. After that, I do a honey/oil treatment for 10 mins, moisturize and style.

  • KDenise says:

    @Quita, do you mind sharing what you used in your henna mix to make it a chestnut brown and moisturizing?? Thanks!

  • Imena says:

    I am a newbie.. i am in the type 4 family i had tiny springs for curls which i adored and i just started wearing my natural hair out on my 1 year mark (november) … I had high hopes for Henna i was really excited b.c of the said benefits and all this great stuff… it wasnt as sloppy and messy as everyone warned but i love my curls and i really regret it … no matter what i do my hair is still frizzy not cute curls like before i couldnt use certain products b.c my hair felt horrible … i henna'd in december it is now february and i still dont know if i can adjust to this … i understand that henna goes deep n its impossible to remove but i have been using vatika oil for pre-poo and CV ayurvendic shampoo bar weekly so maybe it will just take time… but i honestly just want to wrap this badboy up and get a full head of weave but then again im not sure if i want to do that…. can i get some type of advice on what to do?!?!

  • Cheryl says:

    I am on the fence with Henna. I do a combination Henna/indigo mix. I have to say I love the way it gives my hair a feeling of strength and volume, but I hate the dry, brittle, tangled feeling I get in my hair. I have deep conditioned, moisturized, trimmed ends, moisturized some more, both commercial and homemade, did I say deep condition, I've pre poo'd, post poo'd, but nothing seems to take away the harsh dry feeling I get in my hair. I don't use shampoo, I cowash. I don't use lemon juice. I mix with green tea and honey. I am about to give up on the Henna because I've lost so much hair within the two henna treatments, that I am afraid I will not have any hair left if I continue. I know people say, just deep condition and moisturize, but my hair is not going back to the way it was pre henna. Henna/indigo did not defrizz or smooth. Mind you my hair was super soft right after the application, but a couple of days after BAM, dryness and breakage. My hair was literally coming out in my fingers as I twist my hair. I might add, my hair is 4C, fine and already delicate.

  • Unknown says:

    I henna'd finally! This is my 2nd time going natural and the first time around I used to henna all the time but I didn't really know how to keep up with my hair. This time around I really perfected my styling via you-tube and of course this site, and i remembered how I used to love the color and the weight of my hair after using henna for a while. Literally after one treatment the other night my frizz was reduced by about 60%, super defined curls on my normally 4b/4a/3c in the back hair. My hair is very fine and a bit fuzzy, but henna leaves it dense and smooth. Because of what I use in my henna mix, my hair is left a rich chestnut brown and extremely moisturized. Not dry at all, which I did experience a bit the first time around. Finally got it right!

  • Curlz Gone Wild says:

    I have spent the last few days reading nikki's blogs…I have been natural for over 2 years coming off a Japanese straightening streak of about 4 years. The transition has been painful at times with lots of discouraging days. But thank goodness for Internet. I have found different curlies techniques, some work and some don't. Now I have came across Nikki's regimens and learned about what can help my dryness, routines are important and what I believe will be my new beat friend…Henna. Luckily for me I live near an area of Los Angeles known as little India! I literally have about 20 stores to choose from and henna is cheap here. So I woke up today ran out to buy some Dulhan henna and followed nikki's recipe of green tea and honey. To me the application wasn't bad at all. I actually feel that at home dying is more of a mess. I have had the henna in my hair for about 3 hours and I plan to rinse at 4 hours. I've read alot of reviews and anticipate some dryness…so I have my DIY dC all ready to go. I really hope that I get some loosening of my 3c/4a type curls. As I was applying the product it weighed my hair to MY DREAM curls so I PRAY that will be similar to my final result…oh and I'm looking forward to some color too! Keep ya posted!

  • Anonymous says:

    After extensive googling, researching, and blog reading, I finally gave in a did my first henna treatment. I ordered Jamila 2010 crop online and mixed mine using Nikki's henna gloss formula. I left the henna in for 4 hours, washed it out, deep conditioned and waited to see the results. After my first henna experience, I noticed that my hair was VERY soft! There was still a bit of frizz, but that didnt bother me too much. I did my second henna treatment a week later (adjusting Nikki's formula ever so slightly-less green tea, more conditioner, and a touch of EVOO). After my second henna…WOW! My hair is super shiny, unbelievably soft, and super strong! The frizz that I had at my crown is gone and my curls are super defined! IM SOLD! I am now a henna head for LIFE!!!! Btw, Im a 3c/4a 🙂

  • Carla says:

    I first used henna years ago in the early 90s when I still pressed my hair. I used to order it from a catalog (no internet, LOL) and it was great. I loved the color and how it strengthened my hair – it was pressed at the time. When I went natural, every time I used it it dried out my hair. I have 3c/4a hair and for some reason, my hair doesn't like it even though I can use protein treatments.

  • afrolicious says:

    I'm curious about people experience with Henna and Amla. I did a mixture of amla, cassia and henna, mixed with black tea and horestail/coltsfoot/comphrey/nettle. I added a little cloves because I had used cassia before and it made my hair look like i was trying to dye it blond?! The colour did not completely fade. I wanted my hair to go back to being dark. After the treatment (1 hour) my hair felt heavier, but the curls seemed the same just with weight :). So I' presume doing equal parts henna and amla will prevent the curl loosening as this is something I don't want. But I think the acid of the tea and the cloves was a little much for my scalp as it was itching me!

  • Anonymous says:

    This may sound a little stuppid, but i dont know very much about henna. 🙂
    Today i was looking around on you're blog, and i was reading about henna.
    I did already know that it can be used as a great healthy hair dye, but that it could dry the hair.
    So my question is can you make a "natural/base" treatment with henna for hair, so it doesn't color it?
    And does it dryes the hair, or what?

  • Anonymous says:

    I used Henna for the first time about two days ago. It was not a messy process for me and I left it in for about 5 1/2 hours. I had no recipe idea for my Henna mix so I just threw in some lemon juice, honey, water, and conditioner. I love the auburn undertone in my hair and my hair seems like it is stronger already (this may be psychological:) The bad side is it left my hair feeling really dry (like hay). Instead of the Henna loosening my curls, it actually made them tighter! Before I had an "S" pattern and now it is very tight corkscrews in the middle of my hair. I love it! I will probably continue to Henna every other month, and use the gloss Henna treatment every month. Thanks for the Henna gloss recipe CN!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have 3b/3c (texturized) curls with gray. Was horrified earlier this year to see that the natural black permanent and semi-perm dye I was using around the hair line and down my center part to color grays was causing my the hair there to become bone straight. I've been on a mission to find an alternative to chemical hair dye. Overjoyed to find all this info here and around the web about henna. Plan to do a 2 step henna/indigo process to cover the gray. From what I've read, the 2 step covers gray best and I can keep it from becoming too too black by leaving the indigo on shorter rather than longer. If it relaxes my roots enough over time, I'm hoping to skip the texturizers altogher and go 100% natural. I'm hoping!!!!
    By the way, I read that Amla mixed with the henna can retain your original curl pattern. Amla alone can bring back original curl pattern loosened from Henna. Be blessed.

  • NeeshDoll says:


    I am really interested in trying henna. I was just wondering, how often should I do it? Is it a couple of times a wk/month? Thanks

  • Anonymous says:

    I am really curious about this whole henna hype…I am all about it but so afraid to use a product (I feel) use is designed for another hair texture. I often get henna tattoos…threading and waxing done in an Indian hair salon. My hair is in no compare. I have never seen "Black hair" getting styled there. I am also in the "preggo" boat (which is why the desire for a change). I am concidering using a safe route and purchasing henna from Lush…what is your take on that?

  • bucysweets says:

    I used henna once, about 3 weeks ago – mainly to cover diffuse grays. My grays turned coppery orange (was expecting as did a test) and it took a few days for me to get used to it. There was a little bit of dryness that was cured with the deep treatment. I used the tub method of rinsing initially and didn't have too much trouble rinsing it out. I'm planning to do a henna/indigo mix tomorrow to see if I can darken the grays. My dark brown hair looks the same. No change in my curl pattern – 4A and coils in the back. I'm going to try Nikki's technique of 50/50 henna/indigo with conditioner.

  • Anonymous says:

    I did henna once loved it. However on the fence if I will use it again. (jamilla henna) I'm 4b and 9wks post relaxer and I swear it's like my hair is straighter.. I'm not happy about that, I wanted some curls now there gone.. You here me gone… So bizarre I hope it is temporary.

  • Skeeta says:

    Is it possible to do henna only (no indigo/amala) without the color? Like anon said above, by mixing no acid, etc and not letting it sit? I want to try henna but I am NOT interested in that auburn/burgundy or black color. My hair is dark/med brown and I love it as is. Is my color possible to keep?

  • Anonymous says:

    I henna'd for the first time last weekend after taking out braids.. I LOVED IT!!!! It did darken my hair to soft black. My hair is naturally dark brown. My hair is soooooo soft and strong. It may have made it thicker, I can't really tell. But I do know that I am beyond satisfied with the results.

    I had been experiencing breakage and/or slower growth in the crown and I freaked out (Hence the braids/protective style). If anything goes wrong with my fro I panic!

    I decided I needed a protein treatment to combat the breakage – my very fine, porous, mostly 4B some 4A pen spring coils LOVE protein. I considered Aphoghee 2-step (did it all the time when I was a permie), Nexxus Emergencee, and a couple others. I decided to just go the natural route first and see what happened.

    I used "Godrej Nupur Henna Powder." IT ROCKS!
    [Ingredients: 100% pure Rajasthani Henna, 9 Herbs are blended in: Shikakai, Aloe Vera, Methi (Fenugreek), Bhringraj, Amla, Neem, Hibiscus, Jatamansi, and Brahmi]

    I washed (Cream of Nature Green/Moisturing – I use maybe every 3 months – I usually cowash with Giovanni condish) and then clarified with an ACV rinse with aloe gel.

    I mixed the Godrej Nupur henna with water and let it sit about 5 hours. Then, I mixed 3 egg whites and 2 egg yolks in. Then I added about 1 tablespoon on avocado oil. I added a few drops of Lavender EO (cuz I add it to everything, lol) and some Geranium too.

    I let it sit on my hair for about 4 hours and rinsed out with cool water. It took a while to rinse it all out (the teeny egg bits). Then I used Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Conditioner and left that on in the shower for under 10 minutes.

    This particular henna with egg protein mix is my new deep conditioning HG!!

    Blessing 🙂 Asea

  • Dawn Michelle says:

    So far I'm loving what henna has done to my hair. I henna once a month and have been doing so for three months. The color has become richer and my hair is softer and stronger. I mix my henna with coconut milk which makes it easy to apply and rinse out. It also keeps the process from becoming dry while conditioning it even more. I tried using honey in a red tea henna mixture but I prefer using coconut milk alone.

  • Anonymous says:

    In response to the May 3rd post, I too have gray hair (a little gray headband). I used Light Mountain henna from my co-op store, but they discontinued it. I can't wait to try JAMILA 09. I get GREAT results from my henna-indigo process. The key is to let your henna "marinate" long, but apply your indigo AS SOON AS THE SURFACE TURNS BLUE! Indigo releases its dye WITH A QUICKNESS, so apply it within minutes! Use HOT – NOT BOILING WATER on indigo – boiling water ruins the dye. Apply indigo AFTER RINSING YOUR HENNA OUT WITH PLAIN WATER – save your deep conditioning for LAST.

  • Hair Extensions says:

    I think If you want to be stylish and lovely hair, you should eating healthy for good hair. Calcium is an important mineral, along with various types of proteins that come along with dairy products and it has the ability to increase strength and health of your hair.

  • Marie says:

    I'm 14 months into transitioning and I've been henna'ing for a number of months.
    I've noticed the change in colour to a reddish brown and the loosening of my curls and they clump together nicely. In certain areas my hair feels softer and there is an incredible shine. Although my hair feels thicker I can't be sure if that is just the new growth as it will always be thicker than the relaxed ends.
    I have 3c and 4a in the crown area. When wet henna has even loosened the curls in the crown!
    I noticed a big difference in the conditioning properties when I started to henna overnight as I was able to leave the henna is for at least 12 hours that way.
    Litteone you are not the only one who appreciates the loosening of the curl!
    I can't wait to cut away the relaxed ends to really see the effect.

  • LBell says:

    I have fine strands that I've been calling 4b/4c but since my latest BC I'm learning I do have some coil definition so I'm no longer sure exactly what kind of type 4 I am.

    I would try henna if I could be assured that 1) it wouldn't be messy 2) it wouldn't change my hair color (I love the few silvery grays I have) 3) it wouldn't clog up my 109-year-old plumbing any more than it already clogs up 4) it wouldn't stain my bathtub

    Um, yeah…I don't henna. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I don't henna and I have 3c hair with a little bit of 4a.
    My deterrent: I have a perfectly geometric wash & go and if I mess up my curl pattern I will have to transition again/ I don't want added volume / Where I live it is expensive and hard to find.

    I may try Cassia. At the moment I get the hanging/silky/strengthening effect with eggs or ayurvedic teas.

  • CurvyCurlyTrini says:

    I love how henna thicken my hair, and it have a nice shine to it.. But i am missing my natural curls and my natural jet black hair…. I don't know… I will have to think about it…also, my hair is very fizzy..gosh,, I just will have to get my hair growth out.

  • B.Stone says:

    I do! My hair is.. um.. well frizzy s curl on crown and tight spirals everywhere else (they are like tubes in places). I used Lush's caca, the one with a 'dash' of indigo in it. It was very easy to work with but grinding it down took a bit. I added honey to the mix and I think I used tea for the water, nothing else. My hair ended up really nice and black, just how I wanted, and it washed out nicely. I deep conditioned afterwards, but it didn't dry my hair out at all. I had mixed it up and slathered it on warm in the a.m. and washed it out that night. I'm due for it again!

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Oh Nikki,

    I am so glad you posted this.. I am in the process of starting to henna – but i have no clue where to begin. I'm doing my research as we speak. Thank you, i will keep you posted.

  • Journey says:

    i have never henna'd. i want to, but am scared of the results. i did a cassia treatment once and loved it. only reason i have not done it again is because i am lazy. i am interested in seeing what the reddish color would do to my hair. i have light brown to medium brown hair and i think some of the reddish color would show up. i am just concerned that it would not distribute evenly and the color would be obvious.

  • Anonymous says:

    Forgot to add that the eggplant color is not all that evenly distributed. There are often some dark and light patches of eggplant and burgundy so the effect is splotchy. Again, way too unpredictable for me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I haven't tried henna yet because honestly the color or hue I've seen in the photos of some dark hair with henna doesn't appeal to me. It might look different in real life. I've noted that people say it looks like a light chocolate, reddish auburn gloss or halo on dark black or brown. But in many of the photos–with the exception of Nikki's–it looks like more of an EGGPLANT or burgundy-ish color. I can't get down with that–even if it's just the look or effect in photos. And the translucent color doesn't look like a color or effect that would occur naturally in or on any type of human hair. I've haven't seen this effect in all henna hair, but in a lot of it. And I wouldn't know if I'd be one of the those who will get the unnatural eggplant look. Too big of a gamble.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am very curious about henna, but I haven't tried it for several reasons. I'm not interested in the color. It seems complicated, messy and time consuming. Also, it's not in my budget (I'd only try the henna from Mehandi because of quality concerns). I'm curious about henna because I want to retain more length, and I think the curl loosening (I'm 4a/b) and strengthening qualities would help. Nobody has posted about this, but part of me is uncomfortable with any permanent alterations to my natural hair.

  • melanie says:

    I no longer henna because of the color my grays come out. Bright, bright orange. Now, half my head is gray and it just isn't a good look. I tried to henna/indigio but I got the same results as just using henna alone.

  • luvinlife225 says:

    I tried henna for the 1st time Saturday and can I say.. There's a new henna head on the block. I have some 3b but mostly 4a and 4b hair. On my 3b hair I've noticed a little more hang time but for my 4a and 4b hair not much change in the curl department. I bought jamilla henna from a local Indian store (thanks nyla) and I used coconut milk only (thanks r2d2). I only kept it on for 3 hrs. Yes, when I rinsed it off my hair was dry (felt more like it was super clean) but I expected that. So I used some coconut oil, sprayed my hair with my little concoction (water, glycerin, jojoba and castor oils), then smothered my hair with AO HSR, threw on a conditioning cap and called used that to DC all night. My hair is very so thankful for the henna treatment. It's super soft and I've got a hint of color. It wasn't too messy. I covered my hair with saran wrap then a conditioning cap and washed in my bathtub. So the mess was minimal. I will DEFINITELY be doing this again. I'm thinking once a month.

  • CocoEuro says:

    Based on the Mizani Natural Curl Key chart majority of my hair is a type V. I've done a henna treatment 3 times before I decided to make it a staple regimen! The first time I loved the slight brown tint it gave my hair. The second time, I decided to try my own concoction (did not go well). Third time was better. Now the most recent application, my fourth time, I decided to do it because I messed up my hair by doing a at-home dye job! OMgoodness!! My hair was so dry! I deep conditioned it everyday but it was still so crunchy and dry! I remember reading on Butters-n-Bars website that Henna is a natural deep conditioning treatment and it was fine to use on permanent color treated hair. So I used the remainder henna mix that I froze from my previous application. I applied it using an applicator brush and covered it with a conditioning cap and my turban heat wrap. I let it marinate for 8 hours. When I washed it out, my hair was so soft, it's been 4 days and my hair is feeling better than ever! It defrizzes my hair, adds a slight brown tint, and deep deep deep conditions it. I LOVE HENNA!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    i did a henna once. I followed CN recipe and was satisfied with the results. I don't think i have the patience to even do it monthly. I tried leaving it on over night but the odor was to horrible for me to stand it anymore. I finally got up at 4 a.m just to rinse it out only to have the odor left on my pillow cases and sheets(as a result i slept at the foot of my bed). Like i said, i liked the results but i'm not looking forward to smelling it anytime soon. i was smelling that henna after i washed the following week after applying it (EWH) maybe it's just me.

  • Tiffany says:

    I'd like to try it, but I don't know anything about it.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • Tiga says:

    I started using Henna after reading a post on here. My hair has different texture 4a but very wavy in the front, in the middle it is a a 4b and in the back a 3c. I can see the results, First I used a brand which made my hair dry and there was some herbal dust in it left hard to rinse so I changed it to Jamila and I love it. My hair is definitely softer, I always had thick hair so I don't know if it is thicker, but definitely noticed a that now my hair is more manageable and the curls are looser in the middle and overall everywhere else. Now when I do braids the curls are more define and hold better.

  • KeetaRay says:

    My textures range from 3c to 4b! But I have more 4a types of hair on my head than the other 2 types. I tried henna once. I wasn't a big fan – even after deep conditioning my hair still felt dry. Now, I didn't mix the henna myself, a friend of mine did and maybe what she put in it didn't agree w/my hair (she also use amla powder) so maybe I'll try the henna again without the amla and see how my hair responds. I didn't notice any change in texture. The only things I noticed were the red tint it gave my hair (which I kinda liked) and then it was more dry than usual.

  • Anonymous says:

    I just started using henna about a month ago. I have coarse 4b and c coily hair. My first experience was with Rajasthani henna, and like sheree said, it made my hair super dry. I felt hard chunks in my hair. Feeling a little discouraged, I did some more research and decided to try Karishma henna (mostly because it is super cheap and I can find it at my local indian grocer). I do not henna for color so there is no need for me to ad an acid. I mix cholesterol (conditioner) with about 3/4 cup henna, a splash of olive oil, and enough green tea to get the consistency I like which is whipped like a conditioner so it doesn't drip. I apply it over my kitchen sink, and there is no mess, no spills and I can apply it right away because I don't want the color to develop. I cover my head with a plastic cap and do whatever for the next 1 to 2 hours, then rinse and apply a conditioner and some honey and cover with a plastic cap for however long and that's it. The main thing I have noticed with my hair is that it is sooooooo soft and the ends don't get as tangle. I never do wash n go's so I haven't noticed any texture change yet. I plan on henna-ing once a month until……. Sorry for the long post 🙂

    I love this site!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I haven't done a henna treatment in a few months. I sort of felt like my hair was stronger, but I don't know for certain. I don't think that it loosened my curl any. I don't know what my hair type is, but it is thick and soft. I am deb ating if I want to continue doing it. I despise the smell and it gave me a headache.

  • LW says:

    I was henna'ing 2 years. I stopped because I wanted a change from the red AND the mess and time in rinsing it out. I feel like I was using too much water. Our water bill is VERY high but I havent told DH I think it had something to do with henna showers. lol

    I just started doing Henna again last month. I'm shooting for every 2-4 weeks and I'm adding indigo this time. My hair is 4a, I guess

  • sheree says:

    I have coarse hair ( i think!) im still a newbie but i started using all different kinds of Henna at 1st. i tried Colora which was ok. i did feel a difference but wasnt sure how 100% pure it is.

    Then i went on and orderd Ayur Rajasthani and Jamila to try out both. I didnt like the end result of Rajasthani because it made my hair feel super dry and it wasnt softer at all… so i got turned off and stopped henna for a while. I finally decided to try the Jamila and so far i like the results! my hair is softer and thicker. It gave my highlights a auburn/reddish brown tone in the sun. as far as my curls, i think they look the same but i will stick with Jamila and see if i can notice the curl differnce

  • b. says:

    I don't want to stain my shower (it's acrylic) and I don't feel like using the sink (I don't have a long sprayer in the kitchen). I would love to try it out for the color, but I also feel like it's a lot of effort. *However*, I am interested in doing a henna gloss. Again, I am not sure about staining my tub (that acrylic was NOT cheap). How much henna is used in a gloss application?

  • Anonymous says:

    I have naturally red hair and I am afraid henna will turn it a funny color. The last thing I want to do is to go back to my carrot top days 🙁

    Any of you ladies have red hair? How did it turn out?

  • Anonymous says:

    I used henna for the eighth time recently and the result was a dried mess, even after I deep conditioned my hair. Detangling was a nightmare. I'm going to leave henna alone for a while.

  • Anonymous says:

    I henna once a month with Jamila.
    It stretches my hair, smooths the frizz
    enhances the curl and makes it feel stronger.
    It also gives reddish highlights that are very visible. I adore what henna does for my hair. I have the routine down to a science that is not too messy. for those that think its too thick or smelly, add a little conditioner.

  • Joy says:

    I have 4ab type hair, I henna monthly (since Jan 2009). I love the strength and shine it gives my hair. I currently purchase my henna from I specifically buy the henna for african hair because it is fine and easy to rinse.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have wanted to use henna, but am apprehensive. I BC'd August 2009 after 8 months of transitioning and my hair is mid-neck if stretched. I don't want to damage my hair, I also don't want to have too much of a loosening effect. My hair is 3c/4a and I usually wear wash & go and I pretty much like my hair. I would mid a slight color change just for something different.

    I also don't know which brand to use. I have heard different things. I might try it one day

  • Anonymous says:

    I have never used henna mainly because I am very happy with my hair as it is! I have 3c/4a hair that is shoulder length (unstretched) waist length (stretched).

  • Anonymous says:

    I've never tried it, I can't get henna on the ground, so if I wanted to try it I wouldnt be able to find it. Ordering from the web isnt an option. Also I am scared it will dry my hair out even after deep conditioning after and if it loosens hair texture I feel that I might have to commit to henna-ing to keep that texture which would annoy me. Also messiness of application is a BIG deterrent for me. I think maybe it depends on the person, some really like it and some hate it.

  • Unknown says:

    3c/4a/4b Loosens my curl a bit and strengthens my hair. About it.

    I despise the smell. This the only thing that keeps me from doing the treatments regularly.

  • hurjurnee says:

    I henna once a month, and I love the effects of it! My natural hair color was medium brown, and now my hair has a super-rich auburn color. It is really bright in the sun, and it is absolutely what I hoped for! Even more than the beautiful color it has given me, I love how strong my hair has become from using henna. It doesn't shed as much when I condish on the weekends, and my hair is a lot softer. I noticed slight curl loosening, but the benefits far outweigh this one disadvantage, in my opinion. Punjabi Prime (Jamila) henna is the best for true red color! I found it on

  • momo7 says:

    I've tried henna about 4 or 5 times and each time it was a hassle.

    -It takes a very long time for my hair to get back to it's silky state after henna; it seems to make my hair EXTREMELY coarse, straw like and dry no matter how many times I've washed it out and DC (it took over a month for my hair to bounce back after my last henna app). I think it binds keratin in hair so maybe that could be the culprit.

    -It clogs up my drain.

    -It stains appliances/walls/clothes.

    -It's WAY too thick to put on my hair.

    -It makes me sneeze.

    I just hate henna for me. lol

  • honeysmoke says:

    I use henna once a month on my 4a hair for conditioning. I gives me stronger hair. Any loosening effect is short-lived. Can only see color in direct sunlight. I buy my pure henna on the ground at a local health food store. The store buys it in bulk, and I scoop out what I need. That's so much better than paying inflated prices and shipping.

  • Terra D says:

    I have been henna-ing only since December. I have a mixture of 4a on the right side, 2c on the front left side and 3c in the back (thanks mom and dad). So, like aubin above, I can never wear a wash n go, so the curl loosening effect is no biggie. It actually enhanced my 4a curls, though it did loosen the 3c/2c sections. My hair is much stronger and I love having a hint of color, in my naturally jet black hair.
    Henna application is actually not that time consuming or messy for me. I pre-mix my henna. Shampoo in the shower, apply it with gloves. Cover, go to bed. Wake up and rinse. Then it's dc time. Takes maybe 15 minutes not including the overnight sitting or dc time. I love henna, but agree that it's not for everyone!

  • Gigi says:

    I'm a 3b and 3c. From Jan through March I did a henna treatment every other week.

    I'm about 25% gray so it covered up the color wonderfully and gave me a red tint that was visible in direct sunlight.

    Overall the benefits were less shedding, length retention, and stronger hair.

  • Jae Manolo says:

    I henna'd my mum's hair a couple of weeks ago (shes a 3c/4a curly/wavy/fine); her hair was shinier, curlier, wavier, darker, and stronger.

    I haven't tried it on myself yet. I'd like to use it to strengthen my hair, get few splits, and loosen my coils…..but a lot of my hair is naturally loose and wavy, I don't want the henna to loosen it! I might still give it a try, it's not permanent…and the strengthening of my strands is worth it.

  • LittleOne says:

    I henna'd for the 4th time last night. My hair is shiny and very soft. My curl is definitely loosened. I have fine strands, so I might have gotten more curl loosening than someone with thick strands. I went from 4b to 3 b/c throughout most of my hair. The hair closest to my scalp went from 4b to 4a. I have a hard time believing that I'm the only one that welcomes the curl loosening effect…but to each her own.

    It's time consuming and messy…but soooo worth it. I spend less time on my hair during each wash, now that I've henna'd a few times. The curls are easier to style without a lot of product and drying time.

    Felicia, have you shampooed? You might be no-poo, but that's really the best way to get stubborn henna out…maybe 2 shampoos or so.

  • curlybean says:

    Help! I've used twice the avignal henna for my very thick 4b hair and I cannot rinse it all out. The next day there still remains some henna flakes and a little grit. Any advice? Thanks!

  • bonni says:

    The only reason I haven't used it is because I LOVE my natural hair color. I may try cassia sometime soon.

  • 2damnfunny says:

    I stared using henna in Feb 2010.

    My hair is 4c and a bit fine.

    It experienced some damage last winter when I rinsed my hair black and changed the type of gel I normally use. My hair is really dry and was having trouble maintaining length.

    I love the henna treatment. It's cooling on the head and relaxes me.

    I use henna and indigo to colour my hair. (I use Jamila Henna for hair)

    I noticed that my hair is not crumbling off at the ends (but I also started using regular and black Castor oil and Amla oil) and I love getting colour without harsh chemicals.

    I'm going to start using this on my father's hair to help hide his grays.

    I'm not a person that expects instant results (have only used it twice) so I will keep treating my hair once a month and plan to try some other Ayurvedic Herbs.

    I have to thank Curly Nikki, Splina24 (from YT) and Hennasooq for all their great advise.

  • Anonymous says:

    I henna and indigo for coloring purposes only every 6 weeks or so. I have 3c/4a hair and I've been natural for about 15 years. I love that I can color my hair without any harmful side effects or breakage, but I actually don't like the henna process. It is way too time consuming and messy (that's why I only use it for color).

  • Anonymous says:

    i have type 4 hair and henna did wonders on my hair. it made my hair thicker, my curl pattern loosened temporarily, it gave my hair a nice red undertone color and increased my hairs growth. i didnt know that henna has made such a difference in my hair until i straightened it a few days ago. My hair has gotten much thicker and longer than before i used henna. i would recommend henna to anyone that is looking for a postive change in thier hair because it has made such a change in mine.

  • MissCurly says:

    I did a henna gloss this weekend after a 4 month hiatus. I wanted to go back to henna because I loved the baby doll hair shine it gave me and how soft it made my hair after repeated use. I found out that there is a little Indian grocery like a block away from my job so I thought why not? However I too experienced the curl loosening from the henna which is one reason why I stopped. But I missed the shine and softness of henna and decided to go back but do a gloss instead. My hair turned out okay IMO a little frizzy and dry but that could be due to other things. With my hair after henna it takes a few washes to really notice a difference.

  • aubin says:

    I have 4a/3c thick, dense and coarse curls that LOVE henna. Initially I combined henna with indigo to dye my hair jet black but I don't do that anymore because it was too messy (the indigo was damn near impossible to rinse out completely). Now I just use the henna alone once per month and do a henna gloss deep conditioning once per month. It gives me a ruby glow over the previously indigoed hair, and sparkly auburn highlights over the brown hair that's grown in since.

    Henna makes my already coarse hair even thicker but doesn't break it like protein does and also makes my hair super soft. It also makes my hair very heavy and even silky which aids in getting it to hang more. I have significant loosening of my curls (which now resemble more waves or a 2b curl pattern when wet but springs back to 3c when dry) but I don't mind since having multiple curl types on my head means I can never wear a satisfactory wash and go anyway, so I always end up with a twist-out, braid-out, etc. But my curls (or, er, waves) definitely clump more than they used to.

    Big big deterrent: time! Henna takes so much time that I'm more apt to just settle for a gloss these days, which often works just as well. I've also experimented with sleeping in henna over night – the conditioning effects are excellent but once I ended up with a bed full of mud!

  • Anonymous says:

    I live in Seattle and whenever I visited Vancouver, British Columbia, I would stop by an East Indian market and stock up on henna. I have fine, shoulder-length, 4a hair and used henna for about 6 months. Henna gave me beautiful ruby highlights and thickened up my thin strands, but it also SIGNIFICANTLY loosened my curl pattern (turned my tiny corkscrews and spirals into kinda "pressed out" waves) which I DO NOT DIG. To top it off, I found it very messy and time consuming. I stopped using it and instead, I've upped my protein game and my hair is doing well. Still don't have my curls back but I'm hoping as my hair continues to grow, the curlies will return! All in all, I learned to stop jumpin' on them band wagons and be thankful for what I got! 'Cause everything truly AIN'T for everybody!


  • BlackBetty says:

    I haven't tried the henna yet because I'm lazy. That's really my only deterrent. I'm curious to see what, if anything, it would do for me. But as of now, I have a if it ain't broke don't fix it approach towards my hair.

  • CollegeGirl says:

    I just used LUSH's caca henna for the first time.

    I am 14 months into my transition and have thick, coarse, 4a/b hair. The henna made my hair very soft, less frizzy, and thicker. I also got a little auburn/brown color over my highlights!

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