I loved Lynnieluve’s avatar pic so much, I asked her to create a quick tutorial for us!

This hair style is very quick and easy to do!

What you’ll need:

  • Shea Butter Mix (scented shea butter (winner, winner chicken dinner)castor oil, EVOO, EVCOvitamin E oil))


  • Before bed, I put my hair in medium/large two strand twists.
  • The next morning, I untwist….no fluffing or separating yet.
  • Next, I part my hair from ear to ear.
  • Then I part a small triangle shape in the top. I start from where I usually make my side part but instead of going straight back, I part on an angle. I hope that makes sense.
  • You should have three sections of hair in the front. I pin down the sides, leaving only the top section free.
  • I make a center part in the top section and two strand flat twist each side.
  • I then flat twist the side sections.
  • Lastly, I fluff out the back as big as I can with disturbing the curl pattern and creating frizz. Voila!!