Hola Chicas,

Over the years I’ve tried many detangling methods– dry, wet, with a paddle brush, using a denman, fingers only, in sections, under the water stream, hell, I’ve even tried oil rinsing! I’ve done it all, but with my current length and density, the following works best for me:

  • I get in the shower with loose, dry hair (usually an old Twist-n-Curl).
  • I wet it down, apply loads of conditioner, and let it marinate.
  • I then split my hair down the middle, and start with the left side.
  • I section out the back (pinning the rest of the left side up and out of the way) and detangle with my fingers and Ouidad comb under the shower stream.
  • I two strand twist that section and repeat with the other two sections on that side (one above my ear, and one by my face).
  • Repeat with the right side.
  • I end up with three product free, thoroughly detangled, twisted sections on each side– 6 total.
  • I then get out of the shower,and blot dry. I take down one twisted section at a time, and apply my leave-in/styler prior to re-twisting it (I usually turn one twisted section into two twists).

This routine allows me to slowly and gently detangle small sections at a time, resulting in fewer hairs loss. Twisting the detangled sections keeps my curls from knotting back up (I used to skip this step, making my efforts futile), and makes for a much quicker styling session.

What about you chicas? Share your detangling routine!

-Provide a brief description of your hair.
-What is your most effective detangling technique?
-Has it changed over time?
-What’s your current length/thickness?

**For transitioners needing detangling help, check out this great thread started by Laleepop14!**