Hola Chicas,

I’m 6 months preggers today! Time is really moving… it’s almost scary.
In random news, during a debilitating DQ Peanut Buster Parfait craving this afternoon, I had the clarity to look up the nutritional info online. O M G. One PBP is 770 calories!!!! Now that is RiGotDamnDiculous… shame on them! So I nixed that idea, and packed it up and headed to the store to purchase some Oreos and skim milk. Still not a healthy snack, but definitely the lesser of two evils.

As promised, I’m laying out the details of my slightly modified routine. It has elicited compliments from friends and strangers alike, and I absolutely love the feel of my hair! Although I’m still doing a Twist-n-Curl, there are two major changes:

  • Lighter Products- I’m using Yes to Cucumbers Conditioner to detangle in the shower, and as a moisturizing leave-in afterward. Since it has zero hold, I use a teeny bit of Deva Set it Free (2 squirts per twist) or Aveda’s Light Elements Defining Whip (pea sized amount per twist) for staying power. I seal with shea butter on the last 2 inches of hair prior to rolling. The result? Hair that feels naked…product free…fluffy…yet moisturized. It moves! It’s a great change from the heaviness of DevaCare One (which weighs my curls down showing more length), and I enjoy the volume it gives me on top. My latest lesson learned is that properly moisturized hair doesn’t have to feel product-y or heavy!
  • Apply products to damp (not dripping) hair– My inspiration came from waking up to still wet, wet- sets on a regular basis. My hair is a bit thicker now, and I’ve noticed that even with the ceiling fan, my Twist-n-Curls have not been 100% (or even 80%) dry come morning. Cranking up the bonnet dryer or diffuser really isn’t an option… I try to reserve the heat for emergencies. I was recently sent a pair of Hand Dry Hair Gloves to try, and I’m really loving them. After detangling and rinsing clean (hair in 6 twists as always), I gently blot dry each twist until it’s just damp. I then apply the YTC and Set it Free to each section prior to twisting. The result? Hair that dries in half the time! I also seem to get more of a consistent curl pattern, and hair that appears to retain the moisture from the conditioner much better! Working with my damp hair used to be such a hassle… keeping it in detangled sections is the key. Also, I’m sure a paper towel or terry towel would work the same.

Besides the two points above, there are several other things I do to ensure good hair days:

  • Detangle in sections- When I get in the shower, my hair is loose. I wet it down, apply loads of conditioner, and let it marinate. I then split my hair down the middle, and start with the left side. I section out the back (pinning the rest of the left side up and out of the way) and detangle with my fingers and Ouidad comb under the shower stream. I two strand twist that section and repeat with the section near my ear, and by my face. Repeat with the right side. I end up with three product free, thoroughly detangled, twisted sections on each side– 6 total. I then get out of the shower, blot, and apply my leave-in/stylers to each, prior to twisting.
  • Twist Placement– For looser waves, I find that 11 twists suffice. After making a center part, I place four twists near my face (two on either side of the part), one above each ear, four in the back, and one at the crown.
  • Preserving the Style- When showering on in-between days, I pull my hair into a low loose pony with a banana clip or satin scrunchy. I secure the crown with a silk scarf and cover it all with a shower cap. At night, I sleep with it out on my satin pillow case, flipped over the pillow so that I won’t lay and drool on it. For my daily walk (outside or indoors), I pull it up or down into a loose pony.
  • Flexi-Rods for Ends– I’m using these instead of magnetic rollers because they are less taxing on the ends and easier to sleep on. I don’t know the inch size, but I use the pink (quite small), or blue ones.
  • Hair Days- I style twice a week, Monday and Thursday, or Sunday and Wednesday. Going any longer than that, results in a dramaful detangling session.

Day 1 hair- pre fluffing

2nd and 3rd day hair with Yes to Cucumbers + Set it Free

Yes to Cucumbers + Aveda’s Defining Whip!– Better hold, more defined curl/wave pattern, and very soft!


2010 Products, Styles, and Monthly Treatments:

Current Product Rotation:

Hair Styles (listed in order of how often it is worn):

  • High Bun– The same basic steps found in THIS VIDEO, but done on dry, previously twisted hair.
  • I haven’t done a Bantu Knot-Out in a while due to the amount of time it takes to dry. I love the look, but hate sitting under the dryer!

To see pictures of my hair in the various styles, browse through My Hair.

Once a month, on a weekend, I do the following:

  • Shampoo, Condition, Detangle- I shampoo with a Mehandi bar, apply conditioner, detangle, and rinse thoroughly.
  • Apply Henna for an overnight treatment (4 hour treatment with heat, if I’m in a rush).
  • Deep Condition the next morning, and follow the steps above for styling.