Hola Chicas,

The STL baby shower was a friggin’ blast! The final count for our co-ed gathering was a whopping 70, and we partied hardy. There were games, drinks, FOOD, family, friends, and lots of fun 🙂 We received tons of beautiful gifts for baby and lots of well wishes and blessings. With 6 pairs of shoes three months before she’s due, this little diva is already spoiled! Below are some of the highlights:

Aunty rocking a TnC… she lost her clothes pin (because she said ‘Baby’), and had to hold the box!

The MAN games!
A few of the guys opted out of this one, in fear that they’d leave the party expecting!
The ‘apple juice’ chugging competition…

‘Guess That Poo’ game. The ladies had to guess the contents of dirty diapers by the look and smell of the squished up candy bars inside. It was truly a sight to behold, lol.

Look at all the natural heads!
One of my favorite uncles (my daddy’s bro). We went to his house the next morning for brunch. I was on Day 3 Hair!

**Original Post from May 15, 2010

Hola Chicas!

We’re dressed and on the way out the door for my Baby Shower! I’m so excited and wanted to share a few pics with you guys before everything pops off! Plus, although my sister and mother wear their hair straight, they too are all natural!

My Hair: A 2 day old Twist-n-Curl with Yes to Cucumbers and Aveda’s Defining Whip

Baby Bump!

Mom’s Hair: Her beautician blew it out with a round brush after washing, conditioning, and deep conditioning. To preserve her curls at night, she pins it all up on the top of her head and ties a silk scarf around it. She sees Marie at Shi Salon in St. Louis, MO. My mom went gray at 25 and completely embraced it. I’ve got many gray hairs (don’t tell her, lol), but they’re auburn now because of the henna!

Sylvia- She also goes to Marie at Shi Salon. She had her hair flat ironed 3 weeks ago, and I pulled it into a loose, floppy bun using a goody scrunchy.

Alrighty ladies, we’re off! I’m off to eat grilled hot dogs (finally!!!!!), and open gifts for baby. I’ll check back in later.