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Transition to Natural Hair- Online Support

By January 27th, 20214 Comments

Transition to Natural Hair- Online Support

The BEST Places to Find Support Online While Transitioning to Natural Hair
By aJwitaFrO

Transitioning is definitely the hardest part about going natural, and even after you transition, you’re still left with so many questions about how to care for your textured curly hair. If you don’t have a local community supporting you on your hair journey, going through the process can be quite daunting alone. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best places (aside from Curly Nikki ;-)) to find support both online and locally while you venture along your natural hair journey.

Naturally Curly

If you haven’t heard of the Naturally Curly online community, it’s been around for a while and its a very large community of women from a diverse set of backgrounds and hair types who share their knowledge about curly hair. The naturally curly community is filled with articles and videos about hair products and general information about caring for your natural hair. It was founded by Gretchen and Michelle who both have curly hair as a haven for curly girls who had nowhere to turn for hair information or products. Today, Naturally Curly has thousands of daily visitors and active participants in their online community so if you have a question about natural hair, chances are you can find the answer on their forums.


This is probably my favourite place to find hair care information, mostly because you can see first hand how other natural haired women care for and style their hair. My favourite part about youtube is that because it’s so visual, I can watch people who have the exact same hair texture as mine and find out what products they’re using to try on my hair.

Youtube is also highly interactive and you can post video responses and comments to interact with other natural haired women as well as the makers of the videos to get your questions answered.


Perhaps a little newer to the scene is twitter. This is also one of my favourite places to hang out online and interact with the natural hair community. The best thing about twitter is that you can get your questions answered very quickly by a number of different women in the online natural hair community. You can also keep track of all the discussions going on in the natural hair community on twitter by using the #naturalhair hashtag. Hashtags are just twitter’s way of sorting topics so if you have a question about your hair, be sure to use this hashtag in your tweets!

You can also share photos, videos, and links on twitter which also makes it highly interactive. Twitter is the fastest way to get your hair questions answered and you can sync your twitter account with your cell phone and send and receive your tweets by sms text messaging or through a mobile app.


Facebook is another great place to interact with the natural hair community and get answers to your hair questions. Like twitter, you can also follow your favourite brands on Facebook and get access to exclusive promotions and sales to save money on hair products. There are quite a few groups and fan pages related to natural hair that you can search for on Facebook and every time the page is updated you can see it on your news feed. You can also share your hair photos and videos on various facebook pages to show new styles you’ve tried out.


Forums are another great place to interact with the online natural hair community and get answers to your questions. There are a ton of hair forums popping up all over the place and even CN has a forum that you can utilize to get your hair questions answered or share tips for others.


And of course, I can’t forget Fotki. Fotki is a photo sharing website similar to Flickr where a lot of naturals group together and share their natural hair journey through photos. Although it’s not the best place to get your questions answered if you’re stuggling, Fotki is a great place to find new styles and get hair inspiration from others who have successfully transitioned to natural hair.

There you have it, some of the top places online to connect with the natural hair community and find support along your journey. And don’t just come onto the communities and be a bystander of the events, get out there and interact with people and make new friends on your hair journey. It’s so much more fulfilling to participate in the community and you’ll feel more connected as you go along on your hair journey.

About the Author:

Ajoke Olorundare or better known as aJwitaFrO in the natural hair community has been natural for over 10 years and has overcome a number of challenges with her natural hair. She’s very passionate about natural hair, living passionately and embracing your true self to live a happy and fulfilled life. You can connect with aJ online via Twitter, or on her Youtube channel!


  • Anonymous says:

    I wish there would have been this much information on natural hair on the internet when I went natural. I only knew of a few places to turn to for support. It's great that there is so much available now.

  • aJwitaFrO says:

    Ya ladies, I totally agree. There is so much free information and people willing to support you through the journey. All you have to do is reach out.

  • Robyn says:

    I ditto bonni!!! I would have been completely LOST without the online community!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • bonni says:

    The online community has been SO helpful during my transition. I don't think I could have made it this far (22.75 months :-) without the information I have gleaned from you ladies. Well, not with a healthy head of hair!

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