Hola Chicas,

It’s Friday already… time is flying! I’m 27 weeks today and I’m finding it a bit harder to get around. I’m still walking every morning, but it’s slow going… it used to take me 35 to 40 minutes to walk the neighborhood, but now it’s more like an hour! Oh, and baby made me sink to a new low the other day. I went out on the deck around 10pm to check on the dogs, and the delicious smell of BBQ hit me in the face. I asked my hubby if he smelled it, and he told me it was probably the neighbors. After a text message exchange with my very sweet neighbor (who found the situation hilarious), she had her daughter bring me over a plate of chicken and baked beans! Not one of my classiest moments, but oh well 🙂 What I really wanted was burnt up hot dogs… I told them to give me the heads up the next time they light up the grill, and I’ll bring over my own meat!

Anyway, this weekend, I plan to do a ‘true’ henna gloss. I’m trying to determine the least amount of henna needed to achieve frizz reducing results. I plan to mix 3 tablespoons of henna with tea, and then mix that with conditioner.

Oh, and I’m still loving Aveda’s Light Elements Defining Whip! I’ve only had to do my hair twice in the past two weeks. It keeps my curls clumpy and defined without adding weight, greasiness, or flakies. It really does have excellent hold! After my henna gloss, I’ll be styling with Yes to Cucumbers, and Aveda’s Defining Whip! I’ll post pics of course 😉

What about you? What are you doing for your curls this weekend?