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Curly Nikki

What Are Your Weekend Hair Plans?

By January 27th, 202150 Comments

What Are Your Weekend Hair Plans?
Hola Chicas,

It’s Friday already… time is flying! I’m 27 weeks today and I’m finding it a bit harder to get around. I’m still walking every morning, but it’s slow going… it used to take me 35 to 40 minutes to walk the neighborhood, but now it’s more like an hour! Oh, and baby made me sink to a new low the other day. I went out on the deck around 10pm to check on the dogs, and the delicious smell of BBQ hit me in the face. I asked my hubby if he smelled it, and he told me it was probably the neighbors. After a text message exchange with my very sweet neighbor (who found the situation hilarious), she had her daughter bring me over a plate of chicken and baked beans! Not one of my classiest moments, but oh well 🙂 What I really wanted was burnt up hot dogs… I told them to give me the heads up the next time they light up the grill, and I’ll bring over my own meat!

Anyway, this weekend, I plan to do a ‘true’ henna gloss. I’m trying to determine the least amount of henna needed to achieve frizz reducing results. I plan to mix 3 tablespoons of henna with tea, and then mix that with conditioner.

Oh, and I’m still loving Aveda’s Light Elements Defining Whip! I’ve only had to do my hair twice in the past two weeks. It keeps my curls clumpy and defined without adding weight, greasiness, or flakies. It really does have excellent hold! After my henna gloss, I’ll be styling with Yes to Cucumbers, and Aveda’s Defining Whip! I’ll post pics of course 😉

What about you? What are you doing for your curls this weekend?


  • Alta Angel says:

    I washed, DCed, and steamed as normal, but I used the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque under the steamer instead of my staple, Design Essentials Stimulations condish. My hair was is so soft! The directions on the masque state that it can be used as a leave-in as well. After I rinsed it out, I applied more and rebraided. Hopefully my hair will remain soft and moisturized.

  • Curly in Canada says:

    Have you tried the henna line from Lush ( I don't know if there is a store in your area but I love their Henna Line.

    I use "Caca noir Mama", it's henna mixed with cocoa butter. I comes in a block that melts in boiling water. (

    I love it, it leaves my hair soft, hydrated and most importantly shiny.

  • CurlyChronicles says:

    two strand twists! tired of doing the hair and in need of a break! 😀

  • freckledmom4 says:

    I just did my first henna yesterday. I am soooo in love with the color! Today, I wearing a high bun, but I want to wear it out tomorrow for church-maybe a flexi rod set or a bantu knot out.

  • Vonnababy2 (youtube) says:

    This weekend I am attending a wedding. I will do my twistout puff (The safest style for me to do in this humidity LOL). My hair is extra coily, shiny and overall delicious because of a henna gloss last week (Thanks for the recipe Nikki!!!!!)

  • battlekat says:

    I'm doing my first Henna. I am so so excited!

  • Anonymous says:

    I was dead at the BBQ!

    Too funny

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm going to a Women's Sundress and Hat Tea tomorrow, so I cowashed my hair with Yes to Tomatoes (only because I found it at Ross), and used Jamaican Lime and Mango Loc and Twist gel to do a two strand twist. I'm sitting under the dryer now. Gonna wear a twist out with a flower on the side. This will be my first time wearing a flower, so I'm excited.

  • erik says:

    pre-poo e reconstrução com cpr….

  • Anonymous says:

    doing my hair for graduation! I am flat ironing it, because my i don't think big hair + my big head will fit in that tiny cap! haha. But then I plan on doing a twist and curl, so i'm hoping to have a natural look that is cap friendly!

  • Robyn says:

    HA!!! I definitely feel you on the burnt up hot dogs…delicious!!! As for the weekend hair plans, since I'm still transitioning (7 months in…whoo hoo!), I am going to wash, deep condition and slap on my "purchased" pony puff! Hilarious!

  • CurlyQues says:

    well its weekly deep condish time so i will be doing that, plus trying two strand twist in my hair with the MY HONEY CHILD products i got in the mail today…pretty simple this weekend

    thinking about doing a cassia treatment next month; idk?

  • Ms. David says:

    Saturday, I plan to do my very 1st henna treatment. I was supposed to do it a few weeks agao, but chickened out when I realized I wasn't going to have enough time, lol. Anyhoo, I mixing the paste tonight and will be adding some amla poweder as well. I can't wait to apply it!! I'll give an update. ~ Icela

  • JeweLz says:

    On Sunday I'm thinking I'll do a hot oil treatment with coconut oil. I've been wearing twist outs and wash and goes for a minute so I figure I'll do a bantu knot-out for the sake of trying something new!

  • momo7 says:

    OMG that story is HILARIOUS!!!! OMG I was literally laughing out loud!

    The henna mix sounds cool. I hope it works out for you.

    As for my hair….I plan on doing absolutely nothing to it…well maybe a co wash cause my scalp is itching, but that's probably it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Welp, I don't like spending the weekend doing hair stuff, I prefer to be out and about so… I got a head start and did a fresh henna and twist out on Thursday night. It was worth it too, so now it's ladies nite (i.e. sushi time), and the feelings right! 😉 ~poeticlyspkng

  • Afrochic says:

    I plan on doing my second henna treatment! and I'm really excited because I love the results!

  • dasiaRenee says:

    I'm going to do my first coil set.

  • CollegeGirl says:

    Applying half of a LUSH henna rouge bar, then DC with honey and Aussie Deeeep. Hopefully the weather down here in ATL clears up so I can enjoy my color tomorrow!!! Maybe after I finish this bar I'll try BAQ henna???

  • Ms. Cee C says:

    I am going to shampoo, condition my hair with Giovanni Moistures. I am debating if I want to do a twist updo after that or just wear my hair out.

  • ChrLvsBks says:

    I am going to henna tomorrow night, DC and twist for week five of the Twist Challenge on your forum.

    This will be my first time using the BAQ Jamila henna. I will check out your henna mix since I have green tea and no orange juice.

    BTW–Hope it works for the other poster who is going to use Jamila henna for the first time this week.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki,
    Love your hair. I wanted to know how are you doing your hair for it to turn out like that. Also, I would like to see some before and after to encourage myself to continue with my natural hair.This is my second time visiting your website, so if you did it before I don't know about it. I really would like to know how to do that to my hair because I am so tired of my hair. Thank you in advance. P.S. you are rocking that look.

  • Ethnic Cosmetics - Michelle says:

    Congratulations on your baby!

    I'm glad to have found your site. I'm into being as natural as possible. I want to try your recipe for twists but not sure of the full recipe???

    Please do share 🙂


  • Unknown says:

    I tried my first braid-out…it turned out very well!!!

    I hope you enjoyed your baby shower!!!

  • Bobbie says:

    Hello All,
    My weekend hair plans…I had a show today. I wore my hair in a bun. I made sure to add shae butter to my ends to avoid breakage. On sunday I will deep condition my hair with cassia and Aubrey Organics Honysuckle Rose moisturizing conditioner.

    Have fun at your baby shower!!!

  • erika says:

    so agora consegui vencer a preguiça… no momento estou com tratamento de oleos essenciais, vegetais, extrato glicolico de leite de cabra e mel, tudo misturado a masquintense cabelos grossos… só vou tirar amanha…

  • Anonymous says:

    im doing my first henna and deep treatment. your site has helped me tremendously. have fun at your baby shower Nikki

  • Anonymous says:

    I plan on doing the henna gloss, deep treatment, and twists. Thanks for the idea!

  • Millicent says:

    I did the Henna gloss last night with HE Hydralicious Self-targeting Moisture conditioner. I am deep treating now with Jessicurl weekly deep treat, AOHR, EVOO and EVCO. I'm so excited, Nikki your gloss came out so shiny!

  • Cynthia says:

    well…right now i have it plaited up to protect my ends.

    I blame you Curly Nikki for rekindling my product junkie-ism, you curly maven :)…i just bought some Yes to Cucumbers @ Target. I also bought DevaCare Conditioner and I bought the small bottles of Mister Right and the other product's name escapes me now. :)…however my hair thanks you!

    I'm going to test out the henna conditioner this weekend…i think i might alternate between this and the standard henna…so i'll be doing that Sunday and hopefully Monday I'll be able to twist my hair because i need a break.

  • A. says:

    Twist out! My hair is finally long enought to fall shoulder length natural. The twist out is my savior – EVERYONE loves it – especially the FI. He rocks Locks – so he's so into natural hair – it's crazy.

    Have a great time at your shower! Are you still in STL this weekend? I miss it so.

  • cocofiere says:

    I have henna on my head right now since I'm long overdue (over a month). I'm rinsing it in the morning, slapping on a DT (YTC Mud Mask w/some coconut oil)and slicking it into a big-ole bun or two big braids before a date with the BF. Sunday, I'll likely do a B&C for the work week.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm doing my first Cherry Lola treatment followed by a deep conditioning with Aussie 3 Min Miracle, Aussie Moist and Olive Oil.

  • Notthecoolmom says:

    I wanted to try a new DC, but I didn't find anything I liked at Sephora so that was a bust unless I look for something tomorrow. I will re-twist and pin for the week.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'll be doing a much needed henna treatment. It's been 5 months!!

  • battlekat says:

    I'm in the same boat with the TWA so its Kinky curly for me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm at the 4 1/2 months natural mark and am still considered to have somewhat of a TWA. This means it's still wash-&_go's for me!


  • Lynnieluve says:

    I will be taking down my twist pin up do, doing the works and installing the next set of twist for the Twist Challenge (week 5).

  • beadgyrl says:

    I am still working with a 3 inch twa. I did a henna last night, rinsed this morning. I am attempting some tiny updo cornrows, and hopefully able to bobby pin a phony puff ball on the top? Wish me luck curlies….. 🙂

  • FemmeFox says:

    First attempt at an updo since my BC. Wish me luck!

  • MissCurly says:

    I plan on doing a curlformer set with the long and extra wide ones to get a more wavy look. Getting a little bored with my hair so I feel like switching it up a bit.

    @SweetLD- Hopefully the braid n curl works for you. Thats my staple style since the twist n curl didnt work for me.

  • Unknown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am going to try jamila henna in my hair for the first time! wish me luck!

  • Lady Ty says:

    I'm currently rocking finger coils which are working well for me. I should be receiving my henna today so I will likely wash with my KBB juicy bar, Henna (the 50/50 mix you did), DT with jessicurl weekly deep conditioning treatment or pantenes deep conditioning mask (whichever arrives first) and then I'm gonna re-coil.
    Hope you guys have a good weekend and good hair days 🙂

  • Relaxed2Natural says:

    Finally going to start my summer challenge for protective styles!!Last year my transition over the summer was very successful!! (I kept extentions in my hair).so while everyone else will be enjoying setting their feirce manes free i'll be incog-natural for a minute =) 10 to 12 hrs box braiding for me this weekend!!

  • Sweetdrk1 says:

    I will be rocking my Twistout! I love how it gets bigger as the day goes on.

  • streda says:

    @ sweet LD too funny b/c the tnc doesn't work on my hair either and I have plans to do the braid n curl to see if that will work out better for me 🙂 good luck let me know how urs turns out!

  • Sweet LD says:

    I'm going to try the braid and curl, since the twist and curl doesn't work well with my hair. I'm determined to get something right!

  • Jad928 says:

    Have fun at your baby shower. I am on a personal bun challenge so on Sunday I will wash and Deep condition maybe I might do a calcium bentonite treatment. Depends on how lazy I feel.

  • Mzbush says:

    I'll be attempting a cute faux hawk that I found on an old braid-n-curl

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