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Curly Nikki

What Are Your Weekend Hair Plans?

By January 27th, 202156 Comments

What Are Your Weekend Hair Plans?
Hola Chicas!

I plan to do my first henna gloss today… I was inspired by you divas after reading the responses to the ‘Do You Henna?’ post. I’ll probably mix it with one of the HE conditioners, deep treat, and style as usual.

In other news, I’m so excited I can barely sit still 🙂 I’m going home to St. Louis next week for my Baby Shower! It’s going to be a BALL… co-ed, and full of characters… Gotta love my fam. I’ll take tons of pics, promise. Unfortunately, I still don’t have an outfit. I’ve bought two, returned one, and will be returning the other one today. What should I wear?! I need inspiration! I’m trying to think back to the flyy clothes that Toney from Girlfriends wore, while she was pretend pregnant before leaving the show. I remember thinking that when I’m there, I want to look like her! Chic and haute…right now I feel blah. Sorry for the digression!

What about you? What are your weekend hair plans?

Later Gators,


  • Anonymous says:

    I deep conditioned my hair for most of the day. I finally rinsed my hair, detangled very easily (with very minimal shedding), I cut some of the ends, because it won't all curl, and then I blow-dryed my hair which I haven't done since May. I was length checking and I'm not in love with the right side of my hair, its nowhere near as full and long as the left side of my hair. What do I do? I've braided my hair going all back and I will see what I'm going to do tomorrow before work on Monday…

  • faith edwards says:

    my weekend plans are Henna Henna snd more Henna did I say Henna LOL

  • Anonymous says:

    My plans for today are removing my two-strand twists that have had since February!

  • Marcy says:

    Just finished my weekend plans… pulled out the scissors and just BC'ed!!

  • Robyn says:

    I think I am going to co-wash and use a bunch of my eco styler olive oil gel and slap on one of my "purchased" pony puffs for the weekend! I'm not feeling well and my fake hair never lets me down during this transition…7 months and counting!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Happy Mothers Day Nikki and the CN family. Just think next year you'll be holding that bundle of joy wondering where the time went!

  • Anonymous says:

    washed today with new conditioner, braided in two funky french braids, not going to be too cute in church tomorrow! I'll have to pull it back. Maybe try the t n curl tomorrow night to look cute on monday! not sure yet what to wet twists with so they will hold.

  • Nicki says:

    I washed, deep conditioned, twisted and set my hair on flexi-rods yesterday evening. Since I haven't gone anywhere or done anything today. My hair is still on the rods. It's incredibly lazy but if I go anywhere tomorrow I'll have tight curls.

  • ChrLvsBks says:

    I am going to DC overnight with EVOO, EVCO and honey. Tomorrow I will cleanse with shikakai soap, condition and retwist the front of my hair. Tomorrow evening I have an evening wedding to attend, and I plan to wear a twist updo.

  • LovintheBlessin says:

    Nikki, you've inspired me! I mixed some henna like four days ago, but I've been afraid to apply it because Im a student, and I've never henna-ed in my dorm before, I always henna at home where there a nice big bathtub for me to wash the stuff out. I have been scared of the wash out process in the dorm shower, but my hair is CRYINg for some TLC in the form of Jamila, so I'm going to have to make it work. I want to put in braids but I'm afraid of breakage so I figure a nice henna treatment should take care of that!

    Wish me luck!

  • anterrell says:

    wear a long maxi dress with some fly big jewelry and such@

  • WildOnce says:

    Well Im going to do my first DC with my Jessie curl Weekly Deep Conditioner,well first Im going to "wash" my hair with a tiny bit of Suave natruals Tropical Coconut shampoo and alot of Herbal Essence HH.I want to try to twist my hair, but I have NO PATIENCE…..crossing my fingers I dont give up 20min into it!!!!Im gonna put olive oil on before I twist and some Miss Jessies Curly Buttercreme and Curly Pudding cause my hair likes them together (at least for a wash and go)I bought Eco Styler Olive Oil gel but now Im scared to use it cause I dont want crunchy hair! I think I need a bonnet to wear at night becase the scarf I have seems to flatten my hair more than I do at night laying on it…idk But I am SOOOOO EXCITED and I cant wait to use my Butters-n-Bars "shampoo" and butters when I do this next week since its not here yet!

  • Jamaican curlie says:

    Nikki, I usually read the posts and stalk your website everyday, and Ive become very very fond of everything 'curly nikki' so my weekend plans with my hair!.. none.. lol I did a twist and curl on thursday night and I think I can get 7 days out of it!!! (youve taught me well)! now as far as what you should wear, just promise you will wear something that shows your cute little belly! something like your rompers that you have, but the pants version, I dont know what they call them, but its strapless, pants portion are just above your ankles, cute sandals, big hair, and bling!. I saw Kimora Lee simmons in one when she did a photo shoot on her show… good luck and God bless you and your family!

  • chatamoment02 says:

    Right now i am also doing my first henna gloss. I used jamila henna and suave sleek conditioner.

  • Anya Posh says:

    I am deep conditioning right now for the past 2 hrs with a plastic cap on my head. I put in some Cholesterol for that extra oomph! And so far, so good. I'll rinse within the hour & twist it all up.

  • KeetaRay says:

    Yesterday, I did a dry twist out with Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding. I'll be wearing my hair like this for the next 4-5 days or so (my 1st time doing a dry twist out and using Miss Jessie's for the twists, so we'll see how long it lasts but that's the plan).

  • krystal says:

    i'm going to try this new conditioner: suave almond and shea butter. it smells divine! i'll probably toss it into some twists too. last week and a half of school, i need my hair to be nice and sexy while i'm stressing, lol

  • CessCurls says:

    Right now i am sitting soaking my feet thinking about how I am going to style my hair for tomorrow (Mother's Day). Im kinda lazy so I think I am going to moisturize my strands and then do a Cinna-bun with swoop Bangs.

  • erika says:

    eu acabei de hidratar meu cabelo com curl junkie hibiscus & banana deep fix e finalizei com flat twist… nao vejo a hora de chegar amanha e soltar para ver como ficou…

  • FrouLaLa says:

    Oh, I forgot my hair plans are to flat twist on dry hair. Another outfit thought 🙂 A dressy tunic and leggings?

  • Maricopa says:

    Well, after catching the awsome Qhemet's product sale$$ last night Yay!!, I mixed my henna which sat in my kitchen over nite. It's a cloudy day/showers here in the NYC, so I am preparing to do my henna today. Try something new I seen or read about on line, to achieve the (drk brwn/aurburn) color. I boiled some Hibscus flowers and whole Cloves together abt 10 min.,then poured the water only(not the flower or cloves)into in my Henna mixed with some Indigo. Hopefully I will get good results. I previously henna with just Indigo that gave me a dark black color, which was not bad however, I was looking for a rich dark brown…so it's going to be a HENNA Saturday for me. PEACE!

  • FrouLaLa says:

    @CurlyNikki – so what outfits did you have that you returned? You can never go wrong with a cute maxi dress. Summery, cute, and comfortable…and you can still use it after your pregnancy!

  • Anonymous says:

    Experimenting with my hair (1 month 2 days since last relaxer btw) – I definitely need to wash and condition – so just trying to figure out my routine and what my hair responds to the best. And of course, working on my paper (thank goodness it's a team project)my goal is to get that done TONIGHT so I can have the rest of the weekend free to research and play in my hair lol.

  • summerbreeze76 says:

    I henna's last night with Jamila Henna (used a different brand before). THis was my second time and for some reason the application seemed so much easier than the 1st time. The mix i think was a bit too loose, so next time Ill be more careful. Im hoping i can see a difference. Still got conditioner in it, I slept with AOHSR on my head. Anyhoot i just love this site. Thank you Nik!

  • xaymacaalena says:

    My plan *was* to henna last night and then use my new steamer this morning for the DC … but, since I knocked out from exhaustion, it's up in a bun (old bantu knot out) for yoga and the gym. I have an event at 3pm w/new people so I may end up doing a WnG w/shingling since I won't have time for my fave bantu knot-out. I will probably henna (w/yogurt) tonight instead.

  • beadgyrl says:

    Co washing as well, and I am thinking of exploring some flat twists. I am getting braids next month for a growth boost. I am still working with only 2-3 inches of hair….

  • momo7 says:

    Co-washing is my plan. That's about it, lol.

  • Jessica says:

    I deep condition my hair every week, Sunday is Spa day for me! I alternate between a strengthening DC and a moisturizing DC. This week, it's moisturizing, so i'm mixing up a blend of coconut milk, coconut oil, honey and shea butter. I'll leave this on for 4-6 hours, then I want to roller set my hair. I'll probably roller set my hair, then wrap it. I might flat iron, depending on how that set turns out.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, today I shampooed and conditioned with HH and DC with jessicurl. I did a blowout and now I'm in flat twists. So hopefully it will work out because my twistouts don't usually go well. If I don't blowout they're frizzy if I do they're flat.

  • Anonymous says:

    I've been inspired by Nikki to try a cassia treatment tonight for the first time since my BC; I'm curious to see how different it is on my natural hair as opposed to transitioning hair…

  • freckledmom4 says:

    I had plans to dc and do a flexirod set, but after doing my daughter's hair (cornrows in front, flexirod in back) I have decided to do a dry bantu knot out for church tomorrow!

  • SoulfulSista says:

    I just did the BC yesterday. My weekend will consist of doing some product shopping.

  • abovealltherest says:

    Hey Yall! I am sorta a newbie to everything. I BC on March 13(the best day ever). So this weekend I actually washed and DC as well as did my very first twist set. I am very pleased with the results!

  • PBDreams says:

    Hey CN fam! I did my BC two weeks ago! YAY! My curly friend and cut the relaxer out like nobody's business. I am so in love with Free (my TWA's name). Some time today, when I stop being a bum, I will do a DC. I will use Suave Humectant, Honey, Vitamin E oil, and EVOO. My hair has the tendency to be uber dry in certain spots. Any suggestions to combat the brillo?

  • Unknown says:

    To Tekoah- I am thinking about putting a crazy color just in the front of my hair but I wanted it to be temporary. What do you use and what do do do afterwards? Also how long does it last?

  • TeKoahCoriel says:

    Hello all! I actually styled last night lol but I will still share…I started off by touching up my color; I have a big chunk of purple in the front/top of my hair against a black base. Then I just refreshed my two-strand twists that I have been rockin since last week. This weekend I decided to pull the twists to the side and pin the back up to give my hair some "oomph!" I'm very pleased with the end result…happy styling!!

  • London's Curling says:

    Well as I type I'm sitting with a three-quarters twisted head of hair. Washed and conditioned yesterday and attempted a TnC for church this morning that just weren't happening. As a result I spent a good while standing in the mirror while my husband waited in the next room, and I decided how on earth to salvage my hair. In the end, managed a bun, however in an effort not to go through the same thing tomorrow (meant to be going out for 2pm) – decided to do a twisted updo, which should last for around 2 weeks. Hurrah! No more tangles 🙂

  • Unknown says:

    I just took down my kinky twists and my hair grew like a weed! :-)I am still transitioning (1 year post), and don't plan to chop for at least another year. I haven't had a trim since January so I may go to a Dominican Salon to get a roller set and trim.

  • Anonymous says:

    I mixed my henna early yesterday but it is still sitting in the kitchen. I was committed to switching back to it after a brief hiatus but my gray is coming in so fast I am beginning to wonder if I should even bother.

  • Tiga says:

    Believe it or not but Im about to do the same I intended to do it last night but I had some pelvic pressure from being 6 1/2 month pregnant so I said ok if today i feel better Im gonna do it. So Im gonna mix my henna and apply it tonight and DC tomorrow, I don't know what hair style Im gonna rock though. maybe a bun.

  • beautywithcurls says:

    I'm Being Extra Lazy But I Need 2 Do Something 2 My Head This Weekend, LOL I'll Probably Wash, DC And Then Begin The Process Of Braiding It Or Twisting It. If I Braid It, It Will Take 2day & 2morrow,Because i Don't Feel Like Doing It :~(

  • QuietButterfly says:

    How about I just need to wash my hair and re-twist it. But I highly doubt thats gonna happen, lol…..I'm being lazy. I've been rocking a twist out for a week, which is actually a little too long for me, cause I usually have a hard time detangling. You would think I would have learned my lesson by now…..guess not, lol.

  • mesocoillee says:

    I have become so frustrated with styling my TWA so I decided this morning I would try something new with Miss. Prissy (TWA's name : ). Anywhoo I co-wash my hair with Jane Carter nutrient repleinshing conditioner then applied Jane Carter leave in conditioner. I'm gonna attempted a twist out using Carol's Daughter loc butter. I'll likely untwist my hair in about six hours so I hope my results are good.

  • Anonymous says:

    The newbies who want more detailed info on henna should look at the "topics" thingy on right bar of the home page here, then scroll down that topics list to the "henna" link. Voila!

    There's also a good sticky started by Nikki herself over at the Go to the members forum there and visit the 4a group. There's a long henna thread there.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sunday night is officially my hair day. On Sunday I will wash my hair and do my deep conditioning treatment for an hour, then wash it out condition and braid my hair in simple box braids….Which is saying a lot since the whole process takes like 5hrs, between 2 showers to wash everything out, an hour just soaking in the deep conditioner, applying the conditioner evenly, then at least 2hrs to braid all my hair. It's finals week, I have papers to write, and I probably shouldn't spend that much time on my hair, but I will anyway, lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    I actually did a henna gloss last night. I love the results but the time and preparation is killer!

  • Johanne says:

    OK. Im a "henna novice"! Would you explain how that works (where to get it generally) 'cause I now am seeing some greys. thanks a ton! J

  • Lori says:

    @Raniesa check out the Forums…there's one specifically for Henna. You'll find tons of info there.

    I have a tub of frozen henna in the freezer I may thaw and use on Sunday (severe weather today & I don't want to get blown away in a tornado with a henna filled head!).

    Also, I want to try again (for the millionth time) to somehow stretch my hair through some type of braid or twist and manage to keep it frizz free for more than one day. No success yet and I'm growing impatient. How is it that most everyone else has mastered this? I need to go to a salon and have someone give me a one-on-one lesson.

  • erika says:

    acabei de colocar deep treatment ouidad e vou ficar com ela até amanha (vi esta dica no site dela, para quem não costuma usar calor no tratamento0… cobri com plastico filme e lenço… como ja tinha feito umectação no meio da semana, eu senti que meu cabelo recebeu melhor este tratamento…
    amanha, quando tirar, eu farei twist para ficar toda semnana…

  • Fear-Less says:

    Ok, So I'm still a fairly new natural (did my BC in dece, but have yet to let it grow out cause I just keep going back to get it cut). But what is henna? What does it do for your hair? And how does it work? I frequent this forum quite often and I see all the henna give-ways and other curlies talking about doing a henna, but I am like a deer in the headlights wondering what all the fuss is about?

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but can someone please enlighten me?


  • puff says:

    @ SuNNi congratulations on the big chop!!! I'm sure you look FABULOUS 🙂

    My hair's been in two sets of extensions since December which helped it grow but have left it kind of dry =/ so I'm wearing it in a VERY well moisturised fro with an Ododo Originals flower today (it's our spring fling concert – Ghostface in the building!!!) and putting in twists tomorrow to last me through the next week of papers and finals.

  • ChocolateOrchid says:

    Hi CN.
    I think I will try the cinnamon hair lightening treatment tonight and see how that works for me. Its a mix of cinnamon, conditioner and a little honey. I'll leave it in overnight. Wash it out tomorrow and see what changes if any have occurred.
    Wish me luck!
    Take care.

  • Sheree says:

    I actually finished rinsing out my henna a while ago and now im in DC. I used Jamila for the 1st time so i cant wait to see the results. i BC in December and my hair is still doing its own thing lol

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    OMG…How awesome! You should send in your transition story 🙂 I'm sure you look amazing!

  • artgyrl says:

    Well, this very moment I'm deep conditioning with some Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie. Not quite sure how I'll style my hair after that though.

  • SuNni says:

    I did my Big Chop last night… kinda still in shock trying to figure out what to do with my hair. Transitioned for 13 months and now im sitting here with the blank face stalking blogs to help me figure out what to do. SO ultimately, my weekend plans are to figure out what to do with this head before Monday. 🙂

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