Hola Chicas!

I plan to do my first henna gloss today… I was inspired by you divas after reading the responses to the ‘Do You Henna?’ post. I’ll probably mix it with one of the HE conditioners, deep treat, and style as usual.

In other news, I’m so excited I can barely sit still 🙂 I’m going home to St. Louis next week for my Baby Shower! It’s going to be a BALL… co-ed, and full of characters… Gotta love my fam. I’ll take tons of pics, promise. Unfortunately, I still don’t have an outfit. I’ve bought two, returned one, and will be returning the other one today. What should I wear?! I need inspiration! I’m trying to think back to the flyy clothes that Toney from Girlfriends wore, while she was pretend pregnant before leaving the show. I remember thinking that when I’m there, I want to look like her! Chic and haute…right now I feel blah. Sorry for the digression!

What about you? What are your weekend hair plans?

Later Gators,