Hola Chicas,

Yesterday I had the pleasure of celebrating the coming of Baby Walton with my North Carolina friends! The day started off as usual with a 6am walk (in 100% humidity), then hubby and I attended our first Lamaze/Child Birth class, and finally I made it to the Baby Shower. Needless to say, I was sleep by 6pm yesterday and didn’t wake up until this morning! Now that I’m finally recovering, I thought I’d share some pics with you 🙂

A special thanks to Marcy, Queen, NaturalNixon, and TiaShauntee for planning the most fab baby shower in history!

The thoughtful ladies of the forum suggested I create an online registry for those in the CN.com community that want to donate diapies (channeling Rugrats)! If you make a purchase through Diapers.com (the link below), the gift will be mailed to my door…any and all gifts are much appreciated!