Check out MahagonyKnots version of TiaShauntee’s Cornrow & Twist Style:

Some folks can twist but can’t cornrow… I’m one of them! Instead of braiding the back and sides, I created flat twists. I then set the top in two strand twists, and released them to rock a twist-out (instead of rolling and pinning the twists like Tia did). Check out the video for more details:

I started on freshly cleaned and conditioned hair. For styling products I used Uncle Funky’s Daughter Super Curl on the ends of the twists, and ECO Styler Gel Klear on the flat twists.

1. I carve out a half moon section in the top of my head and clip it to hold it out of the way.

2. I start the flat twists from the back going upward. Making my parts about 1/2 inch wide. About 1/4 inch before finishing the twists I roll the ends around my finger.

3. Once I’m done with the flat twists, with the section in the top I part it in half horizontally and create 2 rows of flat twists still coming down towards my forehead.

4. I then use bobby pins to pin the twists down in the top so that they will lay flat once dry.

5. Once it’s all dry I take out the twists in the 1/2 moon section in the top and unravel just the free edge of the flat twists to complete my bang. As the days progress I just fluff and fluff to make my bang bigger.

This style lasts me 2 weeks since the part I sleep on stays in the flat twists!