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Color Me Curly- Dyeing Natural Hair

By January 27th, 20212 Comments

Color Me Curly- Dyeing Natural Hair

Our hair is versatile in many ways—certain products and styles, such as twists or braids, can achieve different curl patterns, from tight coils to waves and anywhere in between. Experimenting with these techniques is part of the naturally curly experience, but sometimes what you really crave is a burst of color, right? Dyeing any type of hair may involve a chemical process that should be taken seriously. Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure that your new color comes out right, and the health of your hair stays intact. Find out how it works!


  • M says:

    Dove products are definitely the business! lol.

    I put a rinse in my head a couple of weeks ago (and ended up with most of it staining my scalp and ears… and my skin definitely does not like it!) and after furiously washing my scalp to eliminate the stains, I've ended up with a dusky reddish color that everyone likes… I won't lie, it's kinda fly, but I want something that POPS! (like the picture of the lady and her dreads in the article… I NEED color like that in my life!)

    Thanks for the article! Now I have a guide so I can't say I wasn't warned lol. I still have samples of henna somewhere so I'm glad I now have the layout of how to do it!

  • Raquell says:

    On a related note … I just colored my hair this weekend with permanent color. I inadvertently left the color on too long (not like me but I was multi-tasking) and my hair became a lil over-processed. But re-washed and conditioned yesturday with Dove Intense Repair – that stuff is The Business!!! Left my hair soft and silky WOOT :D Can't wait to see how it turns out after the next wash.

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