Dear Nikki,

I’m so glad I can find the comfort on your couch to even talk about this!

This past Friday I went to a tattoo shop to get my nose pierced. While I personally was a little intimidated by the piercer (who had rings in places I didn’t know were humanly possible and was covered in tattoos), the first thing he said to me was that he liked my hair (plain old two strand twist that I wore down, no accessories)! So that was an automatic plus which helped me calm down a lot! Got the piercing over with and lived!!
However, I could have died after I sat up from the leather table only to hear the guy say, “Wow you must have been really scared, you’ve got sweat all over my table!!”…Oh Nikki…if only it were sweat!! LOL!! Needless to say I left a nice shiny blob of shea butter/coconut oil all over the head piece of this man’s table!! I was so embarrassed!!
It’s not the first time it’s happened either! This oily trail seems to stalk me on the headrests of cars, paper sheets of doctors’ offices, and on quite a few significant shoulders =(. While I am more than pleased with the over all health of my hair I’m not down with the grease monkey it comes with!

Should I discontinue the use of my beloved butter mix? Or settle with the idea that this is the price of being a natural?

CN Responds: First of all, LOL! I’m sorry this happened to you, but I’m sure you’re not alone. I’m so light handed with my Shea and other oils that I can only barely relate. I remember leaving those grease trails back in my old school press and curl days though… it can be quite embarrassing!

Have you tried achieving the same health results with less oil? You’d be surprised that many times, less is actually more. At least for me. Too much Shea weighs me down and makes my hair hard and stiff feeling, while a smidgen keeps my ends soft and sealed.

Hopefully the other ladies will chime in and offer words of advice, encouragement, and solidarity!