Remember TiaShauntee’s fly summer protective style? Well after much begging on our part, she made an instructional vid! This hair is not only perfect for the beach or that cruise you’re planning, but will definitely go over well at work, and when you’re out on the town. Very versatile… very chic!
Check it out, and if you try it and love it, send in a pic.

I always start my protective styles on clean and conditioned hair. When styling I like to use no more than three products at a time, for this particular one I am only using shea butter and I mist with Kemi-Oyl Conditioning spray daily.

1. I section my hair into two sections; the section to be cornrowed and the section that will be the two strand twists.

2. I start the cornrows on one side (going from the nape up to the crown) and move in the direction towards the opposite while attempting to keep the cornrows the same size. If you are a master cornrower (is that a word, lol) then you can really have fun and do some designs instead of just straight rows.

3. After all the cornrows are done, then it’s time to twist. The twists can be any size and can be pinned in any fashion or even set on rollers for an more “out” style.

The first time I did this style it took a little over 1.5 hrs. The second time it only took 1hr 15min. This look can last up to two weeks with proper care.