Jessica writes:

Hi Nikki,

Let me begin by sharing my story:
I am a new mom. I just had a baby four months ago. Given the stresses and time required to care for a new baby, I have struggled with caring for my hair or finding, even reasonably, attractive styles that are long lasting, convenient to do, and that require little upkeep. So far, I have been doing two-strand twists and braids, but I am getting bored and losing motivation. So my question is:

What are some great hair options for women like me, new moms with little time and worn patience?
Jessica a.k.a Nya’s mom
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Nikki writes:

While y’all are at it, lol, I’ve got a question of my own!

I know this may sound vain and probably a bit ridiculous, but I want to somehow manage to maintain my sexy while in the delivery room. I’m aware that I’ll be in immense pain, sweaty, and delirious. Hell, last week the nurse told me that I’ll more than likely poop on the table (apparently I’ll be utilizing the same group of muscles). Clearly it won’t be one of my shining moments, lol.

Despite the sweat, poop and fatigue, I’d still like to look presentable! There will be tons of pics taken shortly after the birth (that I’m sure will mysteriously surface on Facebook thanks to my dad and sister), and more important, my baby will be seeing me for the first time… I don’t wanna scare my baby!

I’m getting a pedicure since I’ll be seeing a lot of my feet that day as well, but what should I do about this head? Right now I’m thinking high, messy bun with a goody band. IDK… I probably won’t care at that point, but it’ll definitely help ease my anxiety up until D Day (by giving me something else to think about!)

Later Gators,