Moniero writes:

Hey Curly Nikki Community,

It’s been a long time. Well, I’m back with a new hair cut. I finally reached BSL (bra strap length), and decided it was time for something different. So, this is it, and so far… I’m Loving It!

I’m still doing the same routine, and my product rotation has not change. In these pictures I’m rocking a braid-out.

Click HERE for Moniero’s Braid-Out Tutorial
Click HERE for Moniero’s Bantu Knot-Out Tutorial
Click HERE for Moniero’s Fotki album

CN writes:

Wowsers! I think we can all agree that her cut is sick! The shape is gorgeous and frames her face very well. In one word, CHIC!
Have you noticed a trend lately? It seems like many of use are chopping with out a care… almost as if we’re slowly getting past the ‘I must have long hair to be beautiful’ notion. What do you think?
Would you ever consider chopping your APL (arm pit length) or longer natural hair? Do you already have the itch?